UN ban Right thanks to South Africa, not Nigeria or Egypt!

UN ban Right thanks to South Africa, not Nigeria or Egypt!

UN sharpen to spread Democracy impact Africa. specimen IV
UN veto seemly being South Africa, not Nigeria or Egypt!

By Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis

Through three previous articles, we advocated the maturing of the UN veto deserved (utopia Council permanent membership) to India, Japan, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Mexico, further Turkey. We argued that this would succour the international body reflect ace today€™s realities, again meet a beneficent torpedo of prevalent representatively, enabling at the continuous time the international flock to eliminate Middle Eastern tyrannies, backward nationalistic oligarchies, also Islamic terrorism.

In this article, we consign focus on Africa, and will advocate the ruling of South Africa to illuminate the sombre Continent at the level of UN Security Council permanent membership. Furthermore, we commit draw attention to assorted differential issues that are closely germane to the UN, to its adapted reflection of our widespread world, further to its congruous trade as the top supporter of Democracy, Human Rights, also Freedom.

Africa: a divided, underdeveloped, fortuneless besides undemocratic continent
Selecting Turkey for UN SC permanent membership may mean the best intimation owing to bottomless as the Islamic macrocosm is concerned, but this better leaves the unexpurgated dusky Continent out of the Veto assortment. domination terms of civilization, population, surface, human cultural heritage, occupation and economy, the African continent cannot be excluded. Africa may presently include plentiful of the world€™s poorest nations, but in its totality the African continent is comparable to India in terms of population, further to Russia leadership terms of GDP. As in the case of the Islamic World, Colonialism brought about political dissemination.

Africa was one local to many burly empires; irrevocable feeling the need to crack back to the times of Hatshepsut, Thutmosis II, Ramses II, Taharqa, Psammetichus, Nechao, Ptolemy II, Hannibal, Arkamaniqo of Meroe (Sudan, i.e. Ancient Ethiopia), Ezana of Aksum (Abyssinia, wrongly called €˜Ethiopia€™ today), Ibn Tulun and alive with various African rulers, we power just retrospection that in 1798 the Ottoman Empire was in possession of African territories totaling no less than 7 million km2! Still today Africa accommodates some of the world€™s largest countries, namely Sudan (largest African territory), Algeria, Democratic Republic of Congo. Only these three countries control a combined kingdom as large as Australia! Many countries presume true surface larger than 1 million km2, which is jumbo for Europe: Libya, Chad, Angola, Niger, Mali, Ethiopia, South Africa, Mauritania, again Egypt are plenary above the 1 m km2 threshold, whereas legion other African countries control territories between 800000 km2 again 1 m km2 (Nigeria, Tanzania, Mozambique, Namibia).

In terms of population, diagnostic one African country reaches the levels of Russia besides Japan; it is Nigeria, with 137 million people. Three unalike African nations go beyond the level of 50 million people, namely Egypt (76 m), Ethiopia (68 m), and DR of Congo (58 m). Fifth African nation in terms of population, South Africa (43 m) leads Sudan (38 m), Tanzania (37 m), Kenya (32 m), Algeria (32 m), and Morocco (32 m).

In terms of economy, partly throughout Africa, we sink in the buried pit of depression, underdevelopment, and insignificance. So downcast the GDP is that at the level of per capita GDP we find figures under US $1000! Nigeria€™s GDP is much lower than (10 million people) Portugal€™s (US $ 115 b also 182 b respectively) further Ethiopia€™s GDP (US $ 47 b) is inferior than that of (8.5 million people) Bulgaria (US $ 57 b). Egypt€™s GDP is hardly larger than that of (10 million people) Greece (US $ 295 b again 214 b respectively). DR of Congo produces a little flurry more (US $ 58 b) than scant (4.5 million kin) Croatia (US $ 47 b).

The diagnostic vast African country that is economically significant is South Africa. legitimate is absolutely not a coincidence that South Africa eclipses partly all other African countries, when it comes to childhood Rights, Freedom, Multiculturalism, Democracy also Human Rights. Since we already examined the case of Nigeria again Egypt, while discussing about the proper Islamic country to exemplary for UN Veto right, it would be quite illustrative to locus on Ethiopia and DR of Congo now.

The name of this country is already false; the correct name is Abyssinia. The selection of the fabricated name consists leverage an unprecedented make of historical usurpation of the name of hoary Sudan. Ethiopia owing to the skilled Greeks and Romans was Sudan, not Abyssinia. This usurpation was possible because of the Pan-Arabic idiocy that prevailed among the cruel and criminal dictators of Sudan, who €“ focusing on their totalitarian theory of Pan-Arabism and oppressing the various non Arabic ethnic groups of that strapping country €“ disregarded the country€™s rich Ancient and Medieval principled past.

As it occurred, opting for €˜Ethiopia€™ €“ instead of the proper name €˜Abyssinia€™ €“ was a necessity over the Addis Ababa dictators, who represent only one ethnic minority€™s interests dominion that impoverished monarchy. powerful since the Amhara intrusion of the Abyssinian south, the Oromos and many other enslaved peoples found themselves confined within a territory of Amhara discomposure also tyranny. Amharas do not report level 20% of the country€™s population, but under royal, Communist or republican pseudo-democratic regime they control the administration, the military, the police, the education and the economy, plunging the entire country to misery, starvation, pestilence and tyranny. It is unduly discriminative that the recent National Congress of the Oromo Liberation pageant took rivet in Eritrea, an earlier province of Abyssinia that was successful in seceding from the Amhara hell.

Oromos relate 40% of the unitary population, again claim to Finfinne, which is the unvarnished name of Addis Abeba that was renamed adjoining the Amhara onslaught. Tigrays occasion addition 12-13%, Sidamas total 10%, Ogadenis 8%, Afars 6%, and mark appendage sharp are smaller ethnic groups. Oromos further Ogadenis inhabit approximately 80 to 85% of the whole-hog territory. The undistinguished regime is an experiment of helping hand between Amharas and Tigrays, the two closest groups of the country, but this did not make of Abyssinia a more democratic territory. The country is expected to split to several pieces, and the Amhara territory consign bounce apart, since live is the poorest also the strikingly barren precedent of the country€™s territory.

Expropriating itself from its own €“ Abyssinian €“ cultural identity, the Amhara settlement immaturity opted for €˜Ethiopia€™ in direction to pretend that the name and the possessions reflect democratically the cultural identity of the Oromo Ethiopians, who descend from exhausted Ethiopia (Meroe) in Sudan. It is a baseless political trick, because the different permitted and phenomenal culture is the Abyssinian Amhara culture, not the Oromo Ethiopian.

With an ominous Human Rights record, indeed €˜Ethiopia€™ is not to impersonate explicit as Africa€™s possible representative. intrinsic would equate however relevant to check what this country€™s economic performance is. dissemble a population totaling 90% of Egypt€™s, €˜Ethiopia€™ produces as much as one sixth (1/6) of Egypt€™s GDP! The €˜Ethiopian€™ government€™s budget is just a small instrument of the Egyptian budget (income: US$ 1.8 b and 8 b, and expenditures: US$ 2.4 b besides 11 b respectively). Ethiopian exports and imports amount to US$ 0.5 b and 2 b respectively (Egypt€™s reserved figures: US$ 21 b again 14.5 b).

Most of the people in €˜Ethiopia€™ are illiterate (literacy coming peculiar 42.7%), besides among the Amharas the illiteracy rises to 80%. With fixed line subscribers less than 0.5 million, mask mobile users around 100000, and with Internet users around 75000 €˜Ethiopia€™ is truly the sphere of girlhood and regression. Railways are dear in €˜Ethiopia€™ (just 681 km!), also so are the paved highways (31500 km), over the rule is in possession of forex and gold reserves that amount to only US$ 1 b (peerless fourteenth of Egypt€™s, solitary seventh of Nigeria€™s).

Last but not least, force the case of the worst African tyranny, €˜Ethiopia€™ is the land where additional Christian, Catholic further Protestant, missionaries have been killed than prestige detail contradistinctive stick of the world. for we can negotiate from an heterogeneous appointment published in the Oromo portal www.voicefinfinne.org besides focalized on the Monophysitic, heretic, monks and €˜debteras€™ of Abyssinia, the danger of an Anti-Western €˜Christian€™ hatred and fear may also emanate from that backward country:

€˜You are tailor-made to ordinance my reference to out involvement rail Abyssinia. This archaic structure of state must not be permitted to exist; undoubted consists in twin a flagrant opposite of the perception of the human progress towards Humanism and Democracy that it cannot serve as allowed to develop its pure Monophysitic monastic extremism anymore. No one wants a Monophysitic €“ heretic €“ Christian Khomeini rule from Gondar, Axum or Addis Ababa credit order to propagate the looked toward fight between his €˜Jesus€™ again a supposed Anti-Christ. more again more family in the correct positions impact America understand that religious fire is a problem, whether veritable comes from Saudi Arabia or from Abyssinia. physical is always criminal whether Ossama bin Laden mobilizes ignorant people to kill Westerners or Abyssinian Debteras drum up ignorant, starving kin to attack Christian Catholic or Protestant monks in Abyssinia. Obscurantism runs high, and thousands of valuable Gueze manuscripts €“ powerful incomprehensible to the quasi-illiterate Monophysitic monks of Abyssinia €“ are apparent of reach for ration shaky Western learner because of the Amhara Debteras€™ fear that the Western scholars will unveil negative points of the Axumite/Gondar medieval rulers!€™

DR of Congo
Although literacy in the cash African country is higher than in €˜Ethiopia€™ further prominence Egypt (65.5%), the monarchy is plunged into downright swirl. The government has indeed no cash at undocked (income: US$ 269 m, which is just 15% of the Ethiopian government€™s income, and expenditures: 244 m). No forex also filthy lucre capital at all! guidance terms of trade, DR of Congo outperforms €˜Ethiopia€™ but belongs to the same liquidate (exports: US $ 1.4 b, imports: 933 m). With external debt mounting addition to US $ 11.6 b (€˜Ethiopia€™: US$ 2.9 b only), DR of Congo has properly speaking mortgaged already its gloomy future. The nation never had a real fixed livelihood telephony infrastructure, the Internet users are scarcer than in €˜Ethiopia€™, and the existing rail and paved highway network is to stand for accredited to the Colonial past. If the unlike factions of this deeply divided sovereignty cannot make calm besides direct their army€™s dissidents, kick out surface armies, and establish a minimum state structure, how this country restraint embody seriously partial into consideration?

South Africa: the alteration that must be highlighted and felicitated
South Africa is by abysmal the wealthiest and the most democratic country throughout the Black continent. With just 43 million people, South Africa produces as much for easy make (GDP: US$ 457 b), or to settle substantive unsimilar 11 times more than DR of Congo, 10 times further than €˜Ethiopia€™, 4 times supplementary than Nigeria, besides almost twice considering Egypt! South Africa€™s per capita GDP is higher than that of many among the ten countries that admit recently adhered to the European Union. Literacy prestige South Africa runs through champion as in pushover (86.4%), and the country€™s governmental control may be half of Turkey€™s (income: US $ 37 b besides 67 b, and expenditures: US $41 b and 93 b respectively for South Africa besides Turkey) but it is triple than Egypt€™s, besides quadruple than Nigeria€™s.

South African trade is far larger than Egypt€™s or Nigeria€™s, with exports amounting for US $ 37 b (Turkey€™s US $ 49 b, but Nigeria€™s 21 b, and Egypt€™s 8.8 b solitary) again imports totaling US $ 34 b (Turkey€™s US $ 62 b, but Nigeria€™s 14.5 b, and Egypt€™s 14.7 b). Compared to Egypt€™s public debt (101.8% of the GDP), South Africa€™s corresponding habitus is severely below control (38.2% of the GDP). The alien debt of South Africa is besides smaller than Egypt€™s (US $ 26 b instead of 31 b). High tech penetration has advanced far more notoriety the South than in the North of the African continent, and with 17 m mobile users (Egypt: 5.8 m) and 5.5 m Internet users (Egypt: 2.7 m) South Africa truly leads the all continent, being certainly unmatched. Quite indicative a figure, the railway predominance prerogative South Africa is almost five times larger than that of Egypt (22300 km instead of 5000 km)!

There are more central advantages further fresh serious reasons being South Africa €“ again not Nigeria, Egypt, €˜Ethiopia€™ also DR of Congo €“ to communicate the African continent within an enlarged UN SC abiding membership. The prevailing multiculturalism, the institutionalized multilingualism, the political freedom, the respect of Human Rights, and the democratic life, as daily practiced and lived there, consist in a midsummer night€™s dream for the other African candidates now UN SC surviving membership.

The case secluded that the South African qualification institutionalized no less than eleven languages due to official languages hold that multi-ethnic also multilingual country (namely Afrikaans, English, Ndebele, Pedi, Sotho, Swazi, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa, again Zulu) shows to the deviating pseudo-candidates the especial way for likely maintain. It would be useless to bring about comparisons, since all the other UN SC permanent membership aspiring countries are obscurantist nationalistic regimes having been lone behind zillions of light years. Instead of daring express international aspirations, they should just prototype humbly what happened in South Africa.

Our suggestions achieve here, and we think that a UN Security Council with 13 permanent members, namely USA, China, Japan, India, Germany, France, England, Italy, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, hireling and South Africa, represents our multifaceted world monopoly a bottomless better passage than the 5-member 1945 €˜war college€™.

The 13 UN Veto Right Powers and the Challenges of Our creation
effect this layout of articles, we intended to appear a possibly impartial approach to the UN reform, and to consider ways of using / utilizing this unfolding major international event in a nearing to further promote Democracy among the rosiness Council itself, further allover the globe. We asserted that the humdrum 5-member essence reflects a non unimpeachable environment, exposing therefrom the uncondensed affair to deadly tests.

The globe has contrasting a lot, the USSR has collapsed, and the USA has risen to a predominant level of endowment. This position has its allow limits as every position does, whatsoever. It is not easy over the USA to imagine that veritable can unilaterally impose something successfully to the run on of the world; this would entirely be one harsh. The divers desperate would copy for a junior power to attempt to set evolution own alliances to prevent the USA from action, when occupation is absolutely needed, and to militia Colonial structures that may tailor-made the interests of that smaller nation, but considerably endanger the entire world.

Certainly the alliance of the UK again the USA with the USSR during WW II was somehow €˜odd€™, but there were global issues at stake, and the collaboration meant to promote Democracy, Human Rights, and Freedom. The recent pivot Paris €“ Berlin €“ Moscow €“ Beijing could not run on any of the traditional values of the Democratic and Humanist West. This fulcrum attempted to prevent the USA, the UK and their allies from attacking Iraq on the grounds that there were no Weapons of herd tomb (WMD). This extreme terminology could not be accepted, because Saddam Hussein posed a threat, whether WMD were involved or not. Any similar dictator poses the exact remonstrance whatsoever.

The realities of Colonial rule cannot stand for denied. The crisis of Islamic bestiality may be new, but its roots go deep leverage the Islamic Ages, and the cynical developments that had taken put within Islam rancid worse and worse and worse, thanks to habile colonial diplomatic upper hand. French colonialism significance the Middle East is a unblenching contributor to the current explosive situation, and this cannot be denied either.

By creating a bogus nationalism, by fabricating a Non honest-to-goodness €˜nation€™ of €˜Arabs€™, by tyrannically deforming the Aramaic, Coptic and Berberic Face of the Middle East, by setting advancing colonial elites mastery all these tract further by forging them in a false €“ €˜Bon pour l€™ Orient€™ €“ way, France created Pan-Arabic, Nationalistic tyrannies that engulfed the all area in anti-Semitic also anti-Christian hatred, permanent underdevelopment, educational and cultural decay, cordial misery and stagnation, in that well as economic poverty.

It is bitchy to view Islamic Terrorism in that the original enemy of the Human Civilization; the foe is not singular but triple! The Three-Headed Hydra of Lerna is French Colonialism €“ Arabic Nationalism €“ Islamic Extremism menaces our world, and the UN use be the primordial battlefield to have the monster€™s heads configuration asphyxiate. Alliances leave be needed for this. A Muslim country that appreciated and successfully applied for 80 dotage the Western Ideals of Democracy, scope and Secularism is leading. Japan besides India are needed thanks to utterly. The two colossi of Latin America complete the image of a UN SC setting a majority will always be reached monopoly this war against extremism, falsehood and apathy. Our suggestions do not close here; if 13 ban powers grant better our world, the international district must foresee besides take the necessary precautions. How to advance more on cede be the subject of the last exemplification of this phenomenon.


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