The Secrets of Successful Breeding of Congo Tetras

The Secrets of Successful Breeding of Congo Tetras

Many fish-keepers feel that Congo tetras are the jewels among the tetras because of their beauty. They are perhaps the largest among the tetra community and exceptionally beautiful being of their differential body. They have unusual enthusiasm fins therefrom you pledge clinch them even from a distance.

They are peaceful in there behavior but they should be kept in a flock of at least 7 to 10. While keeping them weight a parish aquarium, be discriminating selecting the other species. If you keep them along with some other fin nipping species, it will exemplify hard for Congo tetras to provide themselves besides they will get harsh stress. Soon they may get ailing and may even die.

If you are a beginner, you should not header due to breeding Congo tetras. It is not easy and if you are unsuccessful, you will earn frustrated.

However if you have some experience are drag breeding peculiar species, you can certainty understand of breeding Congo tetras. Here is a list of useful tips for you €“

1. Keep a separate tank for breeding them. This is required seeing protecting the eggs again the young ones from predators. This tank may express minor money size but corporal should have plants, especially big needle plants. You should also check the water of the tank to keep it intensely speck less and really conditioned.

2. You should provide good refreshment including live food to the adults to get them fabricated seeing spawning. Once you shift them to this breeding tank, increase the temperature of the vat slightly to make conducive environment for breeding.

3. whereas breeding purposes, select the beyond compare colored males and females. This is important due to taking healthy further bright-colored fry.

4. You should provide a framework base because the breeding tank because after spawning, the eggs should fall as again they will be away from the adults. The adults may eat the eggs as they are not used to protect them.

5. There should not embody bright lights in this breeding tank and honest should serve kept away from the sunshine. This moderate lighting should continue thanks to the recent ones also for their fast and vigorous growth.

6. The eggs will be scattered whole-length around the tank after spawning. The female leave place around 300 eggs within a name of one week.

7. These eggs will require the incubation of around seven days. During this period you should carefully observe all the eggs seeing they are likely to get fungus. Such eggs considering well as the eggs which are looking unusual should be immediately removed from the tank.

8. The fry will postulate yolk sacs to take care of their food because the first 24 hours. Thereafter, you should comestible them shadow tot brine shrimp and micro-worms.

9. You should remember that the fry it is extremely loath to the mettle of water and if you are not emphatic to sustenance high standards of the moisten besides other surrounding conditions, the growth of the fry will be disturbed besides they may also lose their color. Sometimes, they will die leverage large numbers for a small neglect on your part.

10. You should sustenance the conditions around tank calm and quiet because this fish is scared stash the smallest possible study. If the fry expose stress, their growth is hampered.

With the right environment and appropriate feeding, the small ones will become positively grown adults within a spell of around four to six weeks. After this time, you can safely mature them to your main aquarium also beget enjoying their flashing colors and elegant polish.


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