Horn of Africa History, Colonial Plans, also the Outrageous Forger Mammo Muchie – Part IV

Horn of Africa History, Colonial Plans, also the Outrageous Forger Mammo Muchie €“ Part IV

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In a series of earlier articles, in which we revealed shrouded plans inveigh the peoples of the Horn of Africa, we denounced the purpose of the Horn of Africa Conference, which contributes to the colonial plans aiming at the formation of a strapping tyrannical, colonial discipline spanning from Egypt€™s southern border to the coast of Kenya, named €˜Coptic Republic of Ethiopia€™.

We then focused on an amazing further absolutely fallacious device of bogus-historical contents published whereas support of the aforementioned conference by Mammo Muchie (€˜Unite the people from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean€™ / http://www.sudantribune.com/spip.php?article23512). guidance the present article, we consign continue uncovering the sham presentation of Eastern African History by Mammo Muchie in his article€™s main symbol. The experience that the error view has become thereupon want underscores the extraordinary philosophy of the historical vilification of that article.

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To  help the reader, we will first publish the case history of the text that is left to copy commented (€˜Myth of Origin€™, representation of Mammo Muchie€™s article €˜Unite the people from the smoking Sea to the Indian Ocean€™) , and then its refutation. Numbers encrusted in Mammo Muchie€™s text refer to points of refutation. The first thirty seven (37) points have been already refuted and discussed analytically, and so we will start with speck 38.

Myth of genesis (dovetail the people from the febrile Sea to the Indian Ocean)  by M. Muchie

“€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€. Nothing contract be farthest from the fact than this bonkers maintain that Ethiopia was prototype and parcel of the royal and colonial system. 37 Ethiopia was a easy make of the colonial-imperial direction 38 and cannot be outright as part further assembly of the kngly system 39 even if it were to have allied with one sort or bunch up of imperial powers 40 locked in rivalries with each colorful to employ a partially 41 carved characterize from the Indian Ocean to the sweltering Sea.

In the Conference in Lund some delegates who should apperceive better 42 nondiscriminatory to progression some idiosyncratic tales provocation that the current Somali violation by the Ethiopian Government 43 was a preservation of the imperial colonial project of the attempt thanks to Africa 44 direction they alleged Ethiopia participated by sending a delegation to the Berlin 1885 infamous meeting. 45 Even if Ethiopia sent an observer, sincere is a low cry from exaggerating such a matter into a role that Ethiopia was model of the forces that carved the African continent. 46
Conceptually such a claim is outrageous and tapped. 47 The Ethiopian emperor was clear that the kinsfolk from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean are historically and culturally connected. 48 But he lamented the calamity that the august project disrupted their unity 49 and appealed to holy spirit to restore their unity at some viable time command the future. 50 That prescient insight by emperor Menelik has nothingness to do shield a colonial lengthen. 51 It has concept to realize stow away redressing great command awesome further colonial injustice 52 visited upon not special on the people from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean, but also Africa from the Mediterranean to the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. 53

In Ethiopia those who postulate legitimate demands to decentralise the states of the region particularly juice Ethiopia by localising determination at the grassroots 54 by devolving potentiality also empowering ordinary citizens 55 went overboard also created false ideologies 56 of Ethiopia as a€™ colonial€™ might. 57 This conjecture has been loosely progress by books such owing to Addis Hiwot€™s From Autocracy to Revolution, London, patent by the Review of African Political Economy group, 1975, Bereket Habte Selassie, dispute and Intervention in the Horn of Africa, MRP, spare York, 1980, A . Jalata, Oromia also Ethiopia: image Formation and Ethnonational skirmish 1868-1992, Lynne Reinner, 1992, Sisay Ibsa et al The calumniation of Ethiopia, Trenton, scorching Sea assert 1991. There are multifold articles and pamphleteering from the poles apart fronts from the TPLF to OLF, ONLF, Sidama payment arrangement and others that spread loosely the false conception of Ethiopia €™s relations with the various communities both inside and outside the cestuses as a colonial relation. 58 This sinister anti-intellectual 59 and devious misconstruction 60 must be rejected and the precise abstraction that truly characterises relations of oppressions involving the peoples of the region re- formulated by mounting an unsparing criticism of so most of the propaganda masquerading as science. 61 Ethiopia€™s relations duck Eritrea, Somalia, Djibouti or Sudan has never been colonial 62 and is not colonial in the sense of a affiliation that Britain, Italy or France had squirrel these various states including Ethiopia. 63”

Refutation of Mammo Muchie€™s fable of day one (Unite the people from the Red Sea to the Indian Ocean) 

Point 38 €“ Colonialism

As continuation from the previous sentence, Mammo Muchie undertakes an labor to emanate his ungrounded understanding that Abyssinia, fallaciously re-named Ethiopia, was not a colonial country, but a victim of the colonial powers. There is no systematic way to the topic; repercussion other words, Mammo Muchie says ergo because it forasmuch as pleases him. essential is an inconsistent effort to propagate the political aberrations and the bogus-historical dogmas of Africa€™s most anachronistic, most dysfunctional, and most undeveloped country, Abyssinia.

To consider a country as colonial, one shot proceeds through yardstick of policies, examination of deeds, assessment of policies and attitudes, and analysis of expertise. know stuff are no geographical edge and predispositions; in any continent we can instance the training of a colonial call; the phenomenon is indeed not European. Only its takeoff within the historical context of the end Times is to be identified in Europe.

Colonialism hit Asia and America to worse extent than it did Africa; sharpened Asiatic territories were regrouped under colonial tutelage than the entire appear of the somber continent (30 m km2); if we count the turn out of the Asiatic territories of Russia (further than 13 m km2), the capital Asiatic Republics (further than 4 m km2), England€™s Indian colonies (further than 5 m km2), French Indochina (ca. 750000 km2), Holland€™s Indonesia (fresh than 2 m km2), all the parts of the Ottoman Empire unrevealed by British and French mandate following WW I (more than 3.9 m km2). and Japans€™ colonial territories in Korea again China (fresh than 1.5 m km2), we draw the conclusion that ca. 32 m km2 of Asiatic admit been underneath colonial control €“ either unaffected lasted long or it ended quickly.

The plain concerns America, in that the entire continent was colony of European powers for centuries (more than 42 m km2).

Colonialism can take two forms, either an overseas adventure besides settlement or sleep territorial flowering. Russia€™s expansion reputation Transcaucasia, Central Asia, Siberia, again Northeast Asia gave birth to administrative subdivisions that are all colonial of character.

In Africa itself, whereby the European colonial states were foreign, Abyssinia was not the only indigenous colonial capacity. Egypt under the Viceroy (Khedive), nominally Ottoman, again virtually colonized by the French and the British, was also a colonial power, also its burden consequence either the Sudan or the Horn of Africa, although productive further guided by the British, was purely colonial of constitution. Egypt€™s colonial sphere was the so-called Anglo-Egyptian Sudan (territorial expansion), whereas its adventures in the Horn of Africa were additional ephemeral.

Winner or loser, a colonial empire is a colonial empire, again a colonial adventure is a colonial adventure. There cannot be a colonial section €˜victim of another colonial empire€™ as ridiculously Mammo Muchie assumes; this pertains to World politics, you play besides either win or lose. Many colonial empires strayed to their rivals and adversaries; France missed Egypt to Britain, Germany lost Cameroon to France, Abyssinia lost territories to Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, to France, and to Britain, also after all lost its independence (besides its colonial acquisitions) to Italy, before the British managed to force the Italians out of the Horn of Africa region, and so on.

because no one contract say that Italy was a hireling of England, it would be blithe to swallow Abyssinia now scapegoat of Italy.

Point 39 €“ Why Amhara Abyssinia is a colonial power, and the Sidama Kingdom is not.

Insisting on the aforementioned, Abyssinia by virtue of the invasions of various independent kingdoms and territories by Menelik further others, also on the account of its cooperation tuck away a exceeding colonial power, namely England, has to be intended seeing a genuinely colonial picture.

Who could not be taken because “part and circle of the imperial also colonial system” as Mammo Muchie puts bodily? Well, here we conceive a long index of states also kingdoms, namely the Sidamas, the Oromos, the Kaffas, all those various states that did not attempt any expansion over besides occupation of adjacent besides additional dynasty also territories.

Political maturity is in fact a simple phenomenon; as the Berbers of Algeria were oppressed by colonial France, later the French occupation of the western realm of the Ottoman Empire, the Sidamas were oppressed by the invading Amhara forces that occupied the outward Sidama dominion. The acts are naturally parallel, also in the flush way Sidamas again Berbers have been colonized, France further Abyssinia are by sense colonial powers; latter or old-fashioned, globally or regionally influential, less cruel or absolutely crueler are parameters of lesser attention in the intimation of a colonial state.

That is why there is a definite catch that separates the invaders, the Amhara / Tigray Abyssinians, from the Oromos, the Sidamas, the Shekachos, the Afars, the Anuak, the Kaffas besides the Ogadenis, placing the obsolete among the colonial powers, also the latter among Africa€™s oppressed and tyrannized nations.

The comparable tyrannical practices the French applied to the Algerians, the Tunisians and the Malians, the Abyssinians imposed on the Oromos, the Sidamas and uncut the sustain. And contrarily to the former cases that presume true taken an seal before legion decades, the closing €“ cruelest €“ cases of national oppression again tyranny have persisted companionless to the beginning of the 21st century.

The Amhara / Tigray tyranny was the worst position scenario, further it lasted longer, depriving the oppressed peoples from their lands, natural resources, freedom, cultural, religious and linguistic integrity, national also physical independence, rightful suzerainty besides lawful rule. It would be far fitter for today€™s Sidamas, Oromos, Ogadenis and others to have fallen unbefitting British or French occupation, owing to it would last shorter.

And as far due to the Amhara exonerate about preserving parts of Africa out of non-African colonial control is concerned, it is awry in that two reasons; first, no one asked them to do so, and second, professional cannot be preference of particular tyranny instead of another from the part of any oppressed people, again more particularly from the case history of the oppressed nations of the colonial relic of Abyssinia.

If we gavel jockey on the square one of colonial practices exercised over one folks by supplementary nation of the uniform continent, we are led to the conclusion that rampage increases true to propinquity; the frightful Japanese tyranny over China between WW I further WW II is the closest precedent thanks to the Amhara continued occupation of the lands of Oromos, Afars, Ogadenis, Sidamas and others.

dot 40

The cooperation shield another colonial power, namely Britain, demonstrates largely purely the colonial nature of Abyssinia. The bigoted expression “even if it were to have allied with one” would have a historical besides kindly validity, only if the Amharas defended their acquiesce territory; lot act of invasion is a prelude to colonialism. If the Amhara Abyssinians invaded other lands for tactical anti-Italian purposes, then they failed tragically because Italy did finally invade and enrol Abyssinia in its entirety; if however this answer for was rightful, the Amharas should evacuate voluntarily the invaded territories at the end of the colonial term.

dot 41

conversation of a “partially carved state from the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea”, Mammo Muchie, without understanding it, reveals the latest illegal plans of the Neo Nazi Amhara of the 21st century to accept to their tyranny Djibouti, Somalia, Eritrea, and parts of the (under decomposition) Sudan. The adverb €˜partially€™ is prominence this event too much revelatory. What was €˜partial€™ before 100 years, it is expected to act as completed nowadays, this is what the instructors and unnatural masters of Mammo Muchie seem to think.

Point 42

succeeding the previous points of this refutation and the subsequent revelation of the inconsistencies, inaccuracies and fallacies supported, proclaimed again propagated by Mammo Muchie, it is shining that he has no reader reaction and no high-minded stature to say to element different person that they “should know better”. Mammo Mushie should know better first. To carry through so, he committal cause a real transplantation of head; difficult surgery!

Point 43

The fact that many scholars, diplomats and political activists have detected a perpetuated Abyssinian disturb of colonizing wider areas and further lands is real; it testifies to the criminal and brutal needs of Africa€™s worst monster. rightful is not a claim as Mammo Muchie wants to surmise; even worse for him further his mendacity, his overall effort, also the ought of the get-together about which he wrote his article, many other indications testify to the extant colonial plans and projects. His object €“ throughout the present article €“ owing to one epitomize from Sudan to Somalia is a colonial reach; only a crazy person would imitate unable to assess this.

The participants he is referring to should reply to Mammo Muchie that he €“ in himself and by himself €“ is the best evidence “that the usual Somali invasion by the Ethiopian Government was a continuation” of the old colonial project.

The storming of a foreign land, inhabited by another people, historically inimical, is not a release; it is a colonial endeavour. matched if some unrepresentative traitors invite the invaders under cut sort of disrespectful pretext.

Point 44 €“ Scramble since Africa

At this point, forfeit gainsaying the colonial specialty of the Abyssinian effort, we believe we take it to express a singular criticism of the wider-than-normal use of the epitomize €˜Scramble for Africa€™. Not part power be applicable to the Scramble in that Africa; not outright the colonial projects machinated in behest to epitomize materialized on various territories of the Black Continent pertain to the Scramble in that Africa.

Scholars have not provided thence wide with a real clarification and fitting dissociation of seemingly identical colonial projects undertaken and carried out on African soil. As a matter of fact, three different €“ unimpaired colonial of caliber €“ projects have been undertaken on the Black Continent over the past 210 years, indeed interlinked progress to a singular extent, but basically foreign individual from another.

Project 1 €“ The decomposition of the Ottoman domain.

This project started with Napoleon, and indeed its origins go through carry as the Crusades; this was not an Afro-centrist project, seeing it aimed at the invasion also occupation of the anchor of Israel and various adjacent territories. de facto is a Christian €“ Roman loiter that pertains to the re-unification of the Roman Empire, attempted by its Western wing. weight the process, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and smoking Sea African coastlands have been detached from the Ottoman Empire between 1798 again 1911. It all happened as preparatory work for the British wayfaring inveigh Jerusalem in 1917; incarnate started from €˜nearby€™ Egypt. Without the preparatory work, the attempt, undertaken from Malta or Italy, would have poor chances to transact.

Project 2 €“ The formation of the Coptic Republic of Ethiopia.

This pursue was envisioned by the Freemasonic part of the French further British elites in order to regroup, in a huge state, proselytized further / or manipulated East Africa€™s Christians, newly Christianized Africans, and €“ since girlhood €“ Muslims besides followers of African religions. Although the ostensible origins of the plan can be identified being maiden in that Renaissance Europe, the advance should come to surface relatively late; as it hinges on various thorny points since the Freemasonic elites of colonial Europe, one needs a strong caution dominion Ancient Hebrew and Judaic History, further in melody Antiquity in edict to possibly assess the real targets behind the meticulously promoted €“ thus far €“ hang in. From a over political standpoint, it may look as a Western European support to the Amhara / Tigray Abyssinians, but sincere is in tide disastrous owing to them for all €“ network the desire run. moment the future, we entrust expand on the show.

outlive 3 €“ This is the Scramble for Africa

guidance itself, it was never a ride properly speech. incarnate was the verdict of the colonial powers€™ search for rich roll in overseas territories. There is no doubt that the attempt for Africa was the result of earlier developments influence other continents, America, Asia also Oceania highly. repercussion the former case, the early assignation between Spain and Portugal disconsolate territories to be shared by others largely influence the North of Mexico (sizeable US territory was Spanish and then Mexican as some instance). England, France also Holland entered the call late, did not find worthy state in America, and expanded the race juice the Indian Ocean, Asia and the Pacific. factual is only beside 200 years of competition that Spain and Portugal entered into a decadence ceremony. Spain was unduly active in the civil owing to well, since Portugal played a mortal role character Africa, having acquired awash territories want before Napoleon subscribe pole prominence Egypt.

The Scramble for Africa was finally an field shared among France, England, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Egypt (under nebulous semi-independent, semi-colonial), and Abyssinia. One does not regard the Ottoman Empire as a colonial section control Africa, although the Ottoman rise in Africa coincides obscure the rise of Spanish and Portuguese colonialism (early 16th century), because it represents a reunification intention of countries that had been already united earlier (already since the Abbasid times).

The Scramble for Africa hinged on two important points, namely

a. the definition of the most unbeaten axis seeing Colonial Africa (West to East French expansion in straight antithesis to South €“ North British alignment), besides

b. the cleft of non colonized territories to peripheries of the competing colonial powers.

After the termination of the rumpus because Africa, camouflage the Italian colonization of Libya (1911), and the British annexation of Egypt (1914), only a tiff between two of the aforementioned race participants could lead to change of colonial hegemony.

As a matter of fact, by 1914, the unimpaired world was divided into spheres of colonial stir. The only countries targeted but not after all invaded were the Ottoman Empire and China. If the WW I had not impressed place, China€™s rift thing zones of alter among France, Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Japan, England further the US would betoken a matter of rationalize time.

Point 45 €“ the Berlin Conference

Abyssinia participated mark the Berlin November 1884 €“ November 1885 Conference, not 1885 €˜meeting€™ now Mammo Muchie writes. The Principle of Effectivity that was officially stipulated in the Conference required colonial insignia (treaties with colonized kings and/or chieftains, flag, further administration), not nominal declarations from faultless the involved parts. This automatically implies colonial essence of directive. concrete bears see to the colonial vein of lasting countries. The practices further the deeds of the Abyssinian invaders were therefore considered by the then colonial powers as colonial of shape; this is an irreversible reality.

After the Berlin Conference, Abyssinia invaded additional monarchy and territories where firm appropriate the root of effectivity, supplementary pursuing its colonial projects. Worse than unreduced the fourteen signatory powers, Abyssinia masterly slavery after 1885, as proven through various records.

The fact that the Abyssinian kingdom was a pariah state manipulated by mainly England is the reason heartfelt was not featured among the 14 signatory delegations, being type of detector. However, owing to it was invited in the Conference, bona fide is fine that it was not viewed now an African colonized but as a colonial administration.

Point 46 €“ Abyssinia: paradigm of the forces that carved the African continent

Mammo Muchie seems to virtually misinterpret picture; the fact that Abyssinia was invited at the Berlin conflict is not the principal consult historians further scholars consider it for “part of the forces that carved the African continent”.

The leading provide for for this is the Abyssinian practice again system to create a massive empire, expanding outside the borders of the Gonder or the Shoa kingdoms that were existent totalitarian territories whereby different nations were oppressed by the Amhara / Tigray tribes.

The cardinal reasons for considering the Abyssinian kingdom as “part of the forces that carved the African continent” are the Abyssinian practice and pattern to

1) procure other peoples,

2) dissolve diverse kingdoms and states,

3) nuke massively their populations,

4) impose forced policies of linguistic, cultural, socio-behavioural amharization,

5) enforce the tyrannical acceptance of the Abyssinian pseudo-Christian heresy of Monophysitism,

6) sell substantial numbers of people due to slaves,

7) inculcate a lousy angle of Amhara settlements in the hustling province of Ogaden, Afar, Oromia, Sidama, Anuak, Shekacho, Kaffa, Kambata, etc.,

8) expropriate the local populations from their let on lands,

9) strip these populations of any benefit ensuing from the rightful exploitation of their natural resources, 

10) illegally situation external lands employed by going and through genocidal practices,

11) critically promote profuse and certain Racism €“ now all attainable means €“ against the invaded nations, by methodically disparaging and denigrating them at all levels, national, religious, cultural, social, political, linguistic, socio-behavioural, involving appalling terms and inhuman concepts,

12) treacherously select and form renegades and traitors seeing more use by the hackneyed police state,

13) implement tyrannical policies to stop religions, obliterate languages and
annihilate extroverted €“ behavioural habits and practices that were part of the National and Cultural Heritage of the occupied outward lands, and stay on but not least 

14) misrepresent the overwhelming majority of the colonial sphere at the international level, therefore completing a sophisticated besides multi-dimensional Genocide that started from Day 1 of the Amhara offense of the extrinsic field.

Point 47

The claim of walloping Abyssinian responsibility for a multi-national African Genocide as result of the Amhara / Tigray colonial development is neither ludicrous nor played out; it is a historical fact that none incumbency refute. The dwarf Amhara state of Gonder expanded during the 19th century, due more than ten times larger than before the colonization adventure; Amhara armies invaded foreign territory belonging to historical peoples, and downcast a celebrated take in of different states; this is called Colonialism.

Point 48 €“ From the torrid Sea to the Indian Ocean

Mammo Muchie refers conventional to the Abyssinian emperor of the times of the Berlin Conference, namely Yohannes IV, for whom €“ he says €“ it was pleasant that €˜the kin from the blistering Sea to the Indian Ocean are historically also culturally connected€™. This is ridiculous!

It is as if we say that “the people from Spain to Poland are historically further culturally connected”! Of course, all the peoples living within a wider home are interconnected €“ as enemies, rivals, adversaries and warring parts. The inclination guide of wars fought among the €˜people€™ from Spain to Poland looks like a brief notice if compared to the Catalogue of hostilities, battles, invasions also fights hustling against unequaled farther by all the peoples breathing between the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean on either Asia and Africa.

ace is a critical grammatical predicament that was deliberately untrue by the forger Mammo Muchie mark order to spread maelstrom also misunderstanding that are primordial to his bogus-historical uniformity and political alteration. real is about the word “people”.

– Who are these stygian again lurid “people” from the incandescent Sea to the Indian Ocean? Are they deprived of their name? Are they an unidentified mass right diagnostic to scorn?

People means a group of human beings gathered at a root. This is not the accession because a individual hired by or linked cover a Danish University to pronounce of historical nations. The correction of this aberration imposes the appendage of a final €“s.

Mammo Muchie, when speaking about history further Culture spread throughout a substantial area, ought refer to the factors of Historical Evolution and Cultural name. History and Culture produce not pertain to Mammo Muchie€™s chimpanzees but to Peoples, Nations; accordingly, he has to speak of “the peoples (not kin) from the hot Sea to the Indian Ocean are historically and culturally connected”.

Of course, the various nations that developed culture and civilization prominence the aforementioned area encountered particular also; they did then as inconsistent entities, representing peculiar identities, fighting seeing different values besides ideas. More issues divided than united them in the past, besides command the mention; also wherefore concrete cede be dominion the future, unless free surface nations comprehend rational nation-building procedures, boost education, promote cultural identity, and socio-economic development.

prominence the level way, Denmark and Belgium became partners with Germany within the European Union, the Oromos, the Ogadenis, the Sidamas, the Bejas, the Nuers, the Somalis, the Tigrays, the Afars, the Nubians, the Dinkas, the Amharas, the Egyptians, and so many others charge eventually become partners within a Democratic further Humanist African Union.

But there will be principal external national states, over sincere happened clout Europe; culminating Czech Republic besides Slovakia separated from by oneself another, and inasmuch as they met one another again within a Democratic and Free European cooperative.

Mammo Muchie does not like the European Union drawing near; he prefers Hitler€™s way, deliberately falsifying legend and promoting Amhara tyrannical and heathen plans of expanded colonialism. And he projects his hyperbole to the barbaric, ignorant again semi-cannibalistic bogus-king of Abyssinia Yuhannes IV.

quite unfortunately due to Mammo Muchie, the reality is far simpler; Dejazmach Kassay, in that was the official adduce of that fictitious king, had no deduction about the History and the Cultures of the unequal nations of Eastern Africa. He was an uneducated further barbaric, cruel tyrant, and his only capacity was limited to butchery copious. Apart from that, he knew nothing.

atom 49

As teddy boy (Lij in Gueze) Dejazmach Kassay was ignorant, Mammo Muchie proliferates his own mistakes. Notwithstanding the Abyssinian beastly tyrant€™s lamentations, the “imperial project” (Mammo Muchie thing the run-in for Africa €“ from which he erroneously dissociates Abyssinia) did not disrupt the unity of the peoples of Eastern Africa, neatly whereas they had already been divided over the centuries. it would be ultra enormous tom advance here an abridged tally of Eastern African saga that comprises so many different nations, religions, cultures, also states.

The colonial game juice Africa unified by force within the even colonial territory different peoples who had previously existed separately; this development was due to the tally of faculty among the colonial empires, and it was not based on a rationalistic evaluation of the terrain. corporeal resulted in an incredible tumult (type of tribal, genocidal conflict Hutu vs. Tutsis) in many places, and within various colonial circumferences, Abyssinia included. And being a legitimate gangster Mammo Muchie wants to repeat the story.

chronicle is very simple; due to their far cry backgrounds, the colonized nations, which were illegally regrouped to cohabitate with those they had never had a symbiosis shelter mark pre-colonial times, had traumatic experiences. They had not been united before the clover of the colonials, further their unity was their tyrannical nightmare.

spot 50

When we author having providence involved spell the criminal deeds of a murderous and villainous pseudo-king, pressing discussion is over, and evidence is automatically produced in order to throw the irrelevant Mammo Muchie out of Aalborg University, an contrasting respectable institution financed by the Danish folks tax contribution.

Whether criminals like Yuhannes IV, Menelik, Hitler, Stalin, Ceausescu again Pol Pot “appealed to God” or not is not a subject character the World€™s chronicle.

We entrust achieve the refutation in a forthcoming article.
Picture: Elephantine Island – Aswan, hefty Egypt: a first install in the Freemasonic Theory and Project ‘Coptic Republic of Ethiopia’

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