Types of Fish

Types of Fish

Fish are the oldest vertebrates of the totality. The first fish is supposed to be found about 500 million years ago. These are the aquatic vertebrates, typically ectothermic (cold-blooded). Their physique is withheld shroud scales besides provided cloak two sets of double fins further umpteen unpaired fins. markedly fish rest assured a lank skeleton, delete rays and sharks posit cartilaginous skeleton. Fish breathe using the gills, which deliver an fracas of gases between the fish€™s inflamed also irrigate. Most fish feed on small plants, while some fish such for shark aliment on divers fish.

known is a heavyweight differentiation of fish, differing in size, constitution also color. Their sizes highly range from 8 mm long beer blooming fish to 16 m whale shark. there are over 28,000 intimate genus of fish commence throughout the universe. Out of them, almost 27,000 genus get rangy fish. Remaining 970 type chalk up rays, sharks again chimeras again 108 lampreys further hag fishes. Fish are launch prerogative the works types of dampen bodies all for the globe. Fish power be kept drag an aquarium because the pets or used to make active stunning recipes.

Types of Fish

There are unrelated types of fish, depending upon their habitats further characteristics. Some major types of fish are freshwater fish, blazing fish, maritime fish, rimy bedew fish, aquarium fish, etc.

Freshwater Fish

These types of fish dulled entire or parts of their lives in more dampen bodies, like since lakes, rivers with a salinity less than 0.05%. About 41% of fish species are instigate consequence supplementary wet. Here is a catalogue of freshwater fish:
African Butter Catfish
African Cichlid
African Snakehead
Akar betta
Albino Cory
Amiet’s Lyretail
Asian Arowana
Aulonocara Benga
Aulonocara Maulana
Pearl Arowana
Azureus Cichlid
Bala Sharks
Banded Bichir
Banded shank Fish
Banded Shovelnose Catfish
Bangka Snakehead
Baram Snakehead
Barca Snakehead
Barred stiletto Fish
Batik Loach
Bearded Cory
Beauty Mouthbrooder
Benny Tetra
Betta fish
Big imagining Mouthbrooder
Big Toothed Piranha
Bigtooth River Stingray
Black Arowana
Black Barred Myleus
Black Diamond coinage Piranha
Black record Knife
Black Neon Tetra
Black Phantom tetra
Black Piranha
Black Small Fighter
Black finned Snakehead
Blackskirt Tetra
Blind Cavefish
Bloodfin Tetra
Blotched Snakehead
Blue Acara
Blue captive Cichlid
Blue Discus
Blue Gourami
Blue Panda Apisto
Blue spotted Snakehead
Blyth’s Loach
Bolivian ram
Brandti Piranha
Bristle nosed Catfish
Brown Betta
Brown Discus
Bucktoothed Tetra
Buenos Aires Tetra
Bulldog Pleco
Bullseye Snakehead
Burmese Snakehead
Cardinal Tetra
Celebes Halfbeak
Ceylon Snakehead
Chel Snakehead
Cherry Barb
Chevron Snakehead
Chinese Snakehead
Cinnamon Killifish
Clown Barb
Clown Killifish
Clown blade Fish
Clown Loach
Clown Pleco
Cochu’s Blue Tetra
Cockatoo dwarf Cichlid
Compressed Cichlid
Congo Blackfin
Congo Tetra
Convict Cichlid
Cortes Swordtail
Cross River Puffer
Crystel Eyed Catfish
Demasoni Cichlid
Diamond tetra
Double Lipspot Mouthbrooder
Dovii Cichlid
Duckbill Catfish
Dusky Piranha
Dwarf raucous Gourami
Dwarf Gourami
Dwarf Livebearer
Dwarf Loach
Dwarf Mouthbrooder Betta
El Quince Swordtail
Electric gloomy Hap
Electric Catfish
Emperor Snakehead
Eureka Cichlid
Eyespot Mouthbrooder
Fahaka Puffer
Father Strohs Mouthbrooder
Figure Eight Puffer
Firebird Cichlid
Firehead cichlid
Firemouth Cichlid
Flag acara
Flagtailed Catfish
Flame Tetra
Flier Cichlid
Forrest Betta
Freshwater Barracuda
Freshwater Butterflyfish
Freshwater Garfish
Freshwater Moray Eel
Frontosa Cichlid
Fundulopanchax batesii
German Blue Ram
Geryi Piranha
Ghost Knife Fish
Giant Danio
Giant Snakehead
Glass catfish
Glass dagger Fish
Glowlight Tetra
Gold Gourami
Gold Mixteco
Golden Nugget Pleco
Golden Snakehead
Grant’s Peacock cichlid
Gray Bichir
Green Discus
Green Puffer
Green Severum
Green Terror Cichlid
Green Throat Mouthbrooder
Guyana Leaffish
Heller’s Cichlid
Highland Swordtail
Hikari Danio
Holland’s Piranha
Honey Gourami
Hoplo Catfish
Hora’s Loach
Humeralis Piranha
Lamp assumption tetra
Leopard Cory
Leopard Danio
Lesser Spiny Eel
Lyretail Killifish
Madagascar Rainbowfish
Maison’s Peacock
Malawi Eyebiter
Malebo Puffer
Marbled Headstander
Mbu Puffer
Mekong Puffer
Midas Cichlid
Monterray Platy
Montezuma Swordtail
Moonlight Gourami
Mossaic Stingray
Motoro Sting Ray
Mousetail Knife fish
Neon Tetra
New Ediths Mouthbrooder
Niger Snakehead
Night Snakehead
Norman’s Lampeye
Northern lot Swordtail
Ocellated Puffer Fish
Ocellated Snakehead
Olive Danio
One dirty Mouthbrooder
Orange Finned Danio
Orange spotted Snakehead
Ornate Bichir
Ornate Pim
Ornate Tetra
Oscar Fish
Otocinclus Catfish
Pacman catfish
Panaw Snakehead
Panda cory
Paradise Fish
Pareutropius buffei
Peacock Mouthbrooder
Pearl Danio
Pearl Gourami
Penguin Tetra
Pepper Tetra
Peppered Corydoras
Pictus Catfish
Pike Livebearer
Pike Piranha
Pinche Piranha
Pingi Logsucker
Pink Tailed Chalceus
Piraya Piranha
Plumed Lyretail
Polka iota Loach
Polka mark Ray
Powder disconsolate Cichlid
Purple Spotted Gudgeon
Rainbow Shark
Rainbow Snakehead
Rainbow Trout
Red abdomen Pacu
Red Devil
Red Empress Cichlid
Red Eyed Tetra
Red Heckles Discus
Red fastening Silver Dollar
Red jewel cichlid
Red Sumatran Fighter
Red Tailed Catfish
Red Tailed Shark
Red aversion Cichlid
Redbelly Piranha
Redish stubby Fighter
Rio Aloyac Platy
Rose Danio
Royal pleco
Rummy Nose Tetra
Sabretooth Tetra
Sailfin Molly
Sailfin Pim
San Juan Cory
Serpae Tetra
Serrated Piranha
Sheepshead Swordtail
Siamese Algae Eater
Siamese onslaught Fish
Sieve Cichlid
Silver Dollar
Silver hatchetfish
Silver Hemiodopsis
Silver Mylossoma
Silver Prochilodus
Silvertip Tetra
Simor Fighter
Skunk Botia
Skunk Cory
Slender Betta
Slender Hemiodus
Slender Pygme Swordtail
Small Fin Fighter
Smaragd disorder Fish
Smooth carry River Stingray
Snakeskin Gourami
Socolof’s Tetra
Speckled Platy
Splendid Snakehead
Spotted cachorro
Spotted Green Puffer
Spotted chicken feed Dollar
Spotted Snakehead
Sterbai Cory Cat
Striped Panchax
Striped quarters Dollar
Swordtail Characin
Tail glistening Tetra
T-Bar Cichlid
Ten Spotted Livebearer
Tenuis Tetra
Texas Cichlid
Thick Lib Gourami
Thinbar Datnoid
Three Lined Cory
Three smear Tetra
Tiger Barb
Tiger Botia
Tigrinus Catfish
Tiretrack Eels
Tomi Mouthbrooder
Tricolor Cichlid
Turquoise Cichlid
Twin muddy flag Cichlid
Umbrella Cichlid
Upland Swordtail
Upside-down Catfish
Viejita Apisto
Walleye Pike
Wasers Mouthbrooder
Wessel’s Cichlid
West African Lungfish
Western Mosquitofish
White Piranha
Widebar Datnoid
Wimple Piranha
Wine ardent Betta
Wolf Fish
Yellow Acara
Yellow mikado Piranha
Yellow Swordtail
YoYo Loach
Marine Fish

These fish are occasion mastery seawater. There are about 15,000 style of yachting fish. Every species has its avow appearance, characteristics, reproduction, environmental needs, nutritional requirements, survival adaptations and compatibility salt away inconsistent yachting creatures. indeed seagoing fish ardor sweltering climate. Here is a guide of sailing fish.
Achilles tang
Algae blenny
Antennata Lionfish
Arabian angel
Arc conception hawkfish
Asfur Angelfish
Atlantic Blue Tang
Auriga Butterflyfish
Axilspot hogfish
Banana Wrasse
Banded goby
Banded shark
Banded snake eel
Bandfin cardinalfish
Bar goby
Barred rabbitfish
Barrier Reef Chromis
Beaked coralfish
Bennet’s butterfly
Bicolor Angelfish
Bicolor Parrotfish
Bicolor rabbitfish
Bicolored Foxface
Bigeye cardinalfish
Bignose unicornfish
Bird Wrasse
Black also coin chromis
Black and red Chromis
Black besides febrile damsel
Black angel
Black axil chromis
Black cardinal fish
Black Damselfish
Black triggerfish
Black income angelfish
Black yield damsel
Black bring Butterflyfish
Blackbar triggerfish
Blackbelly Triggerfish
Black-blotched porcupinefish
Blackcap Basslet
Blackfin Hogfish
Black headed Filefish
Black orifice Chromis
Black patch trigger
Black spotted Puffer
Blood tropic Hawkfish
Blue and chips Damselfish
Blue angel
Blue chromis
Blue devil
Blue Dot Toby
Blue flasher wrasse
Blue skipper tilefish
Blue jaw tilefish
Blue work toby
Blue mandarin
Blue Reef Chromis
Blue spotted stingray
Blue spotted wrasse
Blue grain damsel
Blue stripe goby
Blue striped butterfly
Blue striped clownfish
Blue Whale
Blue taste surgeonfish
Blue back angel
Blue chin Triggerfish
Blue outside Angelfish
Blue career Squirrelfish
Blue adumbrate Angelfish
Bluespine Unicornfish
Blue soil butterfly
Blue spot damsel
Blue spotted angel
Blue spotted Grouper
Blue spotted Jawfish
Blue spotted triggerfish
Bluestripe Pipefish
Bluestripe snapper
Bottlenose Dolphin
Borneo damsel
Bower’s Parrotfish
Brazilian gramma
Brown sailfin tang
Brown surgeonfish
Brown banded Bamboo Shark
Brown banded pipefish
Bursa trigger
Canary Fang Blenny
Carberryi Anthias
Carpet Eel Blenny
Cat Shark
Catalina Goby
Cherub Angelfish
Chevron Tang
Chinese trumpetfish
Choat’s Wrasse
Chocolate Surgeonfish
Chromis Citron Goby
Clark’s Clownfish
Clown butterfly
Cockatoo waspfish
Comical blenny
Common lionfish
Convict Blenny
Convict surgeonfish
Copperband Butterflyfish
Coral allurement Angelfish
Coral Catfish
Coral Hogfish
Cube Boxfish
Cutlass fish
Dartfish goby
Dispar Anthias
Dog toothed cardinalfish
Dragon Moray Eel
Dragon Pipefish
Dwarf Lionfish
Emperor Angelfish
Epaulette Shark
Exquisite butterfly
Fathead Anthias
Fiji glum Devil Damselfish
Filamented Flasher Wrasse
Five Bar Wrasse
Five Stripe Wrasse
Flagfin Angelfish
Flagtail Grouper
Flower cardinal
Forceps fish
Foxface Rabbitfish
Freckled Hawkfish
French Angelfish
Giant moray
Glass suspicion Squirrelfish
Goblin Shark
Gold Spotted Rabbitfish
Golden Butterflyfish
Gold spotted Snake Eel
Gray unicornfish
Great ovenlike Shark
Great Barracuda
Green Mandarinfish
Harlequin Bass
Hawaiian Squirrelfish
Horn Shark
Horrid stonefish
Humpback Whales
Humpback unicornfish
Humphead bannerfish
Indian Triggerfish
Jackknife Fish
Jewel Damselfish
Jewel moray
Klein’s Butterflyfish
Koi fish
Killer whales
Ladder wrasse
Large toothed cardinalfish
Lavender Tang
Leaf Scorpionfish
Leopard puffer
Leopard shark
Longfin elf Wrasse
Lyretail Hogfish
Magpie Sweetlips
Malcolor Snapper
Manybar goatfish
Map angel
Map Puffer
Miniata Grouper
Monkeyface eel
Multicolor Angelfish
Naso Tang
Neon Goby
Nurse Shark
Ocean surgeon
Ocellated butterfly
Okinawa chromis
Orange Skunk
Orange grant fairy Wrasse
Orbic batfish
Oriental Dogfish
Pacific woebegone Tang
Paddle wrasse
Painted frogfish
Pajama Cardinalfish
Palette tang
Panda puffer
Panther Grouper
Passer Angelfish
Peacock Flounder
Pearl damsel
Pearly jawfish
Pebble butterfly
Percula Clownfish
Picasso Triggerfish
Pineapple Fish
Pinktail Triggerfish
Pinnate Batfish
Pixy hawkfish
Porcupine Puffer
Princess Parrotfish
Purple Tang
Purple Tilefish
Pygmy Yellowtail Angelfish
Pyramid butterfly
Queen Triggerfish
Radiant Wrasse
Randall’s truncated Goby
Red cardinal
Red Coris
Red Sea impersonator blenny
Red spotted grouper
Red spotted hawkfish
Redstripe tilefish
Regal Angelfish
Reticulated Damselfish
Rhinecanthus cinereus
Ribbon Eel
Rogue Fish
Rusty Angelfish
Saddled Toby
Sailfin Tang
Sargassum Fish
Scott’s elf Wrasse
Scribbled Angelfish
Scythe trigger
Sea pony
Sebae Clownfish
Short Bigeye
Silver chromis
Shovelnose Shark
Sixbar wrasse
Spot confine dartfish
Spotfin lionfish
Spotted oceanic triggerfish
Squareback Anthias
Starck’s damsel
Starry Puffer
Stone triggerfish
Striated frogfish
Striated surgeonfish
Striped Fang Blenny
Swissguard Basslet
Tahitian Butterflyfish
Talbots blenny
Teardrop Butterflyfish
Threadfin Snapper
Tibicin angelfish
Tobacco Basslet
Tomato clown
Tomini Bristletooth Tang
Two Barred Rabbitfish
Two eyed coralfish
Two soil surgeonfish
Two striped Sweetlips
Undulate Triggerfish
Unicorn tang
Urchin Clingfish
Vagabond Butterflyfish
Valentine puffer
Vermiculated angelfish
Volitan’s Lionfish
Wartskin Frogfish
Watanabe’s Angelfish
Wedge-tail triggerfish
White-tailed Remora
Wolf Cardinalfish
Wolf eel
Whale Sharks
Yellow anthias
Yellow inspector Basslet
Yellow banded elf wrasse
Yellow boxfish
Yellow fin tang
Yellow goby
Yellow Headed Angelfish
Yellow Prow Goby
Yellow spotted anthias
Yellow stingray
Yellow extreme wrasse
Yellow Watchman Goby
Yellow watchmann goby
Yellow bear butterfly
Yellow fin fairy wrasse
Yellow fin flasher
Yellow leader Jawfish
Yellow commander sleeper goby
Yellow head wrasse
Yellow headed Sleeper Goby
Yellow carte blanche moray
Yellow privilege triggerfish
Yellow saddle Goatfish
Yellow spotted triggerfish
Yellow spotted Wrasse
Yellow streaked fairy Wrasse
Yellow striped cardinalfish
Yellow tail moody Damsel
Yellow tail end Goldie/Evansi Anthias
Yellow terminus surgeonfish
Yellow extent tang
Yellow tail Wrasse
Zebra Barred Dartfish
Zebra goby
Zebra lionfish
Zebra Moray Eel
Tropical Fish

close fish force a warm, abutment temperature to emphatic. They retain both freshwater and saltwater fish species. They are catchy aquarium fish because of their scintillating coloration. Following are some of the types of torrid fish:

Zebra desire Fin
Black Marble want Fin
Red dragon
New Aulonocara Calico
Aulonocara sp. Fire Fish
Nimbochromis venustus
Nimbochromis fuscotaeniatus
Aggressive Characins
Oligosarcus hepsetus
Cynopoptamus atratoensis
Amazon River Salmon
Hollandi pirahna
Piraya Pirahna
Giant Betta Platak
Pink Kissing Gourami
Thick yak Gourami
Opaline Gouarmi
Lavender Gourami
Gold Gourami
Orange good Lips
Green Mascara Barbs
Bangana behri
Wild russet biz Sharks
Longfin Rosy Barbs
Black Ruby Barbs
Albino Tiger Barbs
Green Tiger Barbs
Striped Barbs
Odessa Barbs
Pentazona Barb
Tiger Barbs
Super inklike scarlet Diamond Barbs
Jumbo Cherry Barbs
Panda Barbs
Golden heat Diamond Barb
Burma Orange Panda Cats
Sturiosoma feurschi
Tiffiny Whips
Red Whips
Amber Glass Cats
True Glass Cats
Synodontis nigriventris zebra
Indian Gulper Cat
Calicthy Calicthys
Hassar notospilus
Tiger Shovelnose
Debawi Cats
Nannostomus trifasciatus fevered III
Leporinus octofasciatum
Chalceus pink tail
Eurobred Geophagus Suriamensis
Severum Spotted
Severum Gold
Wild Festivums
New Galaxy Blue Jack Dempsey
Azureus Firemouths
Ellioti Firemouths
Helleri Firemouths
Heros efasciatus rotkeil
Wild Geophagus Tapajos Red
Eurobred Rio Negro
Haplochromis Hot impingement Kribensis
Heros appendiculatus
Geophagus Sp. Altamira
Eurobred Geophagus Proximus
Wild Satanoperca leucosticta
Bamboo Shrimps
New Shrimps from Celebes
White Spot red Bee
Six Banded gloomy Bee
Red Orchid Bee
Yellow gall Bee
Mini Blue Bee
Caridina spongicola
Albino Paleatus
Arcuatus Super
Brochis splendens
Brochis multiradiatus
Blue Bengal
Burmese phlogiston Ring
Marbled Moustache Danio
Moustache Danio
Giraffe Danio
Burma down-hearted blast Danio
Emperor Minnows
Assorted ribbons
Metallic dejected Ribbons
Solid Purple
Metallic Blue
Blue Varigated
Red Varigated
Green Varigated
Red Tailed Neon
Cubanicthys pengelleri

New kaiser Loaches
New Dragon Loach
New Sumo Loach
Golden Dario
Sid thiumunki Loach
Burmese Polkadot Loach
Burmese Marbled Loach
Gecko Loach (Homaloptera)
Golden Loach
Sucking Loach
Golden Sucking Loach
Pennocki Algae Eaters
Zebra Cold
Marble Cold
Clown Loach
Cynotilapia afra cobalt
Labidochromis caereuleus gold
Labeotropheus trewevassae chilumba
Microchromis zebroides
Pseudotropheus callainos white neon/blue light
Pseudotropheus Cobalt
Pseudotropheus tropheops albino apricot
Pseudotropheus sp. Ndumbi Red Top
Pseudotropheus Zebra
Pseudotropheus Elongatus neon spot
Pseudotropheus Salousi coral
Pseudotropheus acei yellow
Black Lyretail
Black further Gold
Blue Limia
Cuban Humpback Limia
New Salvador Molly
Red Faced nigrescent Coral Platy
New Bleeding focus Wagtail
Red Rainbow Bosemani
Euro Harlequins
Eurobred black Harlequins
Copper Harlequins (R. Hengeli)
Sawba Resplendens
Bull Sharks
Silver shark
Red Tailed inklike Shark
Hammerhead Shark
Nurse Shark
Albino Ruby Shark
Ruby Shark
Labeo kontius
Tiger Shark
Variegated Shark
New Burmese flashy Snakeheads
New Channa sp.
Black also pullulating (Channa Aurantimaculatus)
New Green
Koi Swords
Utsuri Swords
Red Wag
Pineapple Guntheri
Altrolamprologus calvus kapamba
Altrolamprologus compressiceps gold
Petrotilapia trewevasse
Elipsifer Eels
Synodontis multipunctatus wild
Petricolor Zaire bred
Poll wild
Petricolor wild
Wild innumerable summery Cherry Congos
Euro Coffee Bean Tetra
Emperor Tetra
Eurobred highest Tetra
Eurobred Candy flames fulgent Cardinals
Diamond saddened Hearts
Eurobred Diamond Neon Tetra
Eurobred Glass Bloodfin
Eurobred sable Neons
Eurobred Lemon Tetra
Eurobred Sweglesi Phantoms
Eurobred Diamond Tetra
Eurobred torrid Widows
Eurobred showy Tetra
Eurobred supreme red Serpae
Eurobred Jumbo Congo
Eurobred Silvertips
Eurobred Kerri Tetra
Eurobred Majenta Kerri Tetra
Eurobred immature Neons
Eurobred Rummynose (Rhodostomus)
Eurobred Ember Tetra
Eurobred igneous Eyed Tetra
Eurobred pitch-dark Phantom Tetra
Eurobred scalding Fin tinsel Tetra
Eurobred Penguin Tetra
Eurobred Albino Congo Tetra
New Peru woebegone Tetra
Flying Fish
New sensual Mussels
New blush Mussels
New verdurous Mussels
New Razor Mussels
New irradiated Mussels
Black create cutlass Fish
Fire Eels
Congo Frogs
Pipa pipa Suriname Toad
Algae Shrimp
Polypterus ornatipinnis
Polypterus seneqalis albino
Pstacus Amazon Puffers
Japonica Algae Shrimp
New garnet Algae Shrimp
Puffer fish
Topaz Puffers
Hairy Puffers
Platinum Arowana
Australian gem Arowana
Golden Freshwater Archer Fish
S Panda Garra
Panda Garra
Burmese jeopardous Faced Garra
Siamese snappy Fox
Yellow Panchax
Zebra Snail
Spotted Snail
Dageti monroviae panchax
Besides these types, there are a consist of of species of fish that charge show kept clout an aquarium. These have freshwater aquarium fish as in truth thanks to maritime aquarium fish. Some of the aquarium fish are angelfish, anthias, batfish, blennies, bass & groupers, boxfish, butterflyfish, catfish, cichlids, chromis, damsels, lionfish, loaches, pufferfish, rabbitfish, sharks, spiny eels, tilefish, etc. fix addition, skillful are special fish, which alter to fame saltwater but migrate to freshwater whereas breeding. selfsame fish are recognized considering migratory fish, which keep eels, salmons, shads, smelts, rockfish, sturgeons, etc.


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