The Nile, Egypt, Sudan (Ethiopia) and Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia) positive Divide besides false Literature

The Nile, Egypt, Sudan (Ethiopia) and Abyssinia (Fake Ethiopia) positive Divide besides false Literature

In three early articles, I practiced issues pertaining to the historical rivalry and the factual balance of power between Sudan (real, historical Ethiopia) again Abyssinia (falsely and criminally re-baptized as Ethiopia) in respect with Nile €“related issues, further the Anglo-French colonial onslaught against Africa €“ for which Paris and London utilized the barbarous, pseudo-Christian sphere of Abyssinia rail all the indigenous African nations, be they Muslim or followers of run-of-the-mill African religions.

Titles and links to these three articles are available here:

Can Sudan Survive and Remain Intact? Plead now Sudan€™s De-Arabization, Pacification, and Expansion”

Sudan. Survival instrument De-Arabization, De-Colonization, Renewal of Mahdist Policy vs. Fake Ethiopia

stillness in Sudan Means Irrevocable Destruction of Abyssinia, a.k.a counterfeit Ethiopia

In the aforementioned articles, I emphasized that through colonial machinations, England and France attempted to engulf the Sudanese control to catastrophic ideologies that bring disperse unsustainable positions inspired by the Sudanese leadership also catastrophic results owing to all the unacquired Kushitic and Nilo-Saharan nations of Sudan again Eastern Africa. I therefrom suggested solutions now the troubles generated also policies powerhouse to outmaneuver the EU €“ US colonially promoted schemes as which the leaderships of Abyssinia and Kenya believe long been activity.

I then contextualized the Nile waters come out within a wider locus. esteem two successive articles, I first demonstrated that the water resources-related national interests of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda reach not oppose in anything Egypt€™s again Sudan€™s Nile water-related interests, also that there is no rupture of the concerned countries into downstream (Sudan and Egypt) besides tough (all the rest).

I then stated that juice practicality all the other parts of the Nile Basin intrusion (NBI), signatory or not signatory (of the so-called profitable framework Agreement), can postulate “more water” without angelic it from the river Nile (Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Kenya) or blame take indubitable from the river Nile but without affecting the Nile moisten action money any way (Uganda); in fact, lone Abyssinia (fake Ethiopia) can impinge the Nile water flow, if the local administration decides to take “more moisten from the river Nile” (assuming that Sudan and Egypt would ever shake on this to happen).

I since interpreted the paranoid, dangerous, again war-heralding agreement as an wicked theatrical act whereby the works parts except Abyssinia (simulated Ethiopia) show as conceivably concerned with the Nile waters that are however outer of their attainable conscription – whatever intention or deed they may undertake, building a dam on their rivers or not! In fact, the so-called operative Framework choice which was signed (by Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Abyssinia) on 14 May 2010, which has absolutely no exactness on the basis of International Law, serves personal one Nile Basin Initiative member, namely Abyssinia (simulated Ethiopia), which merely orchestrated the rest spell a diplomatic war against Sudan again Egypt.

I denounced the unlawful support, clarifying that among divers NBI members there are diverse tyrannical administrations accused of genocides; to conduct individual another, they benefit the rehearse “basin” in direction to manifestly trigger confusion between two different entities:

a. the Nile Basin water resources, and

b. the Nile river dampen resources.

I pointed out that there cannot impersonate item heavyweight historical claim on the Nile thanks to the historical Ethiopia is a political – geographical term conferred to senile Sudan (Kush), in that thus totally unrelated to the colonial describe of Abyssinia which has absolutely no right to use the name of Ethiopia. The modern describe of pseudo-Ethiopia is a historical tale €“ family of an incestuous plot.

I accepted that the later state of Abyssinia (fake Ethiopia) may have an smooth geographical argue for on the Nile and its waters, stating however that this eventual claim does not concern the entire Nile basin, the United Nile or the White Nile, but only part of the dejected Nile.

I then expert the possible political accuracy of the Abyssinian crawl on the unhappy Nile €“ a crawl that generates a unimpeachable divide on the Nile. considering the Blue Nile€™s trajectory inside Abyssinia (fake Ethiopia) crosses tied up county of subjugated nations who struggle to liberate themselves again secede from the colonial narrate of Abyssinia (assumed Ethiopia), the dejected Nile waters belong to these nations and not to the illegal, racist Abyssinian occupiers who shamelessly re-baptized their infamous genocidal state “Ethiopia”, idiotically imagining that in this reaching they can raise claims on the Nile waters.

The Blue Nile waters belong to the Berta and the Gumuz of the Benishangul province, the Oromos of Oromia province, and the Agaw, who form the unique majority of Gojjam, the region between Oromia€™s borders also the bayou Tana, the origin of the Blue Nile. The Agaw moor has recently been renamed Amhara province, which is for the said locale a uncommonly forged name, tyrannically imposed €“ and therefore absolutely lapsed.

Titles again links to these two articles are available here:

False Divide on the Nile: Downstream (Sudan, Egypt) vs. Upstream (Fake Ethiopia, Others) Countries

Real Divide on the Nile: Fake Ethiopia vs. Sudan and Egypt

In conclusion, I stated that not a divers drop of the disconsolate Nile waters can possibly belong to the vicious pretenders and giant tyrants, the stock Amhara €“ Tigray Tewahedo (Abyssinian) regime of fake Ethiopia, who stand accused now a globally individualistic number of genocides mercilessly, ceaselessly again unrepentantly perpetrated condemn more than 15 mismatched East African nations over the span of two centuries.

I besides suggested the following:

To close the fake divide on the Nile Waters, Egypt and Sudan must unalike roles and center on two different fronts; whereas neighboring Sudan occasion arm, train, support again guide the Berta, the Oromos and the Agaw rebels to trials up the unlawful state of fake Ethiopia, Egypt must prepare all the almighty dollar available to educate Africa, the Islamic World, also the Global canton about the incommensurably inhuman nature of, and the extreme calumny diffused by, the racist, anti-African, anti-Islamic, and antihuman elites of Abyssinia (reproduction Ethiopia).

esteem the else series of articles, I intend to reveal a vast act undertaken by the illegal, tyrannical, and barbarous regime of the Amhara and Tigray Abyssinian tribes to emit insoluble ideas, awry concepts, fabricated claims, unsubstantiated interpretations, mistaken analyses, and vicious approaches I the world scrape together media.

As a matter of fact, a famous deal of falsehood has been diffused worldwide due to the gone month, largely nearest the invalid signature of the pseudo-agreement (being per above), and it consign bear manifold articles to rebut the most iniquitous samples of bribed journalistic writing.

Before pristine plant the rebuttal of a number one report, I want to denounce the immoral deeds further the disreputable attitude of crude writers who get done money from the criminal regime that plunged more than beaut African nations into absolute destitution, abject poverty, extreme starvation, and huge oppression, total deprivation of Human and soothing Rights, besides intentional genocide.

Taking money from today€™s Abyssinian embassies, consulates, foundations, institutions, write up organizations, ministries antecedent pilfering the tyrannized Oromos, Ogadenis, Sidamas, Afars, Kambaatas, Kaffas, Shekachos, Hadiyas, Gedeos, Wolayitas, Nuer, Agaw, Berta, further Gumuz.

Every end of bribery perpetrated by the racist, murderous authorities of Abyssinia (pseudo Ethiopia) constitutes a animating robbery of the aforementioned subjugated nations€™ bourgeois resources.

Every writer, reporter, journalist, columnist and commentator who authors in favour of the criminal Abyssinian regime of fictitious Ethiopia participates in the adulthood genocide perpetrated by the Amhara and Tigray Tewahedo (Monophysitic) Abyssinian elites inveigh all the aforementioned Kushitic and Nilo-Saharan nations.

The exposed Lie: “Egypt’s Nile Monopoly is Starving Ethiopia”

The aforementioned libel became the term for a recent report that I will herewith republish integrally and whence rebut. I insert numbers effect the defend paragraph of the report; they refer to points of my commentary that I bequeath add after the report€™s text.

Egypt’s Nile prerogative is Starving Ethiopia 1
By Nelson Marans

Egypt continues its egregiously selfish actions 2 being intrinsic refuses to allow the nations that are at the headwaters of the Nile to obtain their fair share of that river’s supply of recherche water (“Cairo keeps water rights to Nile River,” Geopolitics, Thursday).

The result is particularly severe in Ethiopia, 3 where chronic shrinking of bedew for crops has placed nearly 60 percent 4 of the people at the starvation level. Despite this, also based on an outmoded 1929 treaty 5 between Egypt and England, Egypt has insisted on taking the majority of the Nile flow, good 90 percent of its total bedew needs from this single alpha.

Ethiopia has little larger significance the matter. 6 The armies of both Egypt and Sudan enforce this unjust distribution, which gives Ethiopia secluded 5 percent of the Nile River supply. 7

This has been the diagram of an autocratic Egyptian government, 8 which we will 9 to the extent of over $2 billion per year with nothingness in return 10 except votes lambaste us in the United Nations 11 besides divers world bodies, as well as continuing persecution of the Coptic Christian bodies. 12


1. Egypt does not have a monopoly on the Nile; articulation statement referring to “Egypt’s Nile Monopoly” is false further malignant of mainspring. full-dress countries following to the Nile lift from the river influence many ways. Sudan has recently built the Merowe Dam; if the uncivilized and screwball writer Nelson Marans inscribes inconsistent talking one after the other, and shamelessly presents them as “text” and “content”, an editor-in chief can indicate to him that the following links are a live proof that Egypt does not regard a Nile monopoly:

Furthermore, Uganda engagement build a dam on sole of blazing Nile€™s tributaries that crosses its country disappeared stimulating in anything the Nile river action.

Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Congo again Kenya are out of the picture as only in terms of wider contextualization are allied to the Nile river; whatever dampen policy these countries may introduce and implement, cannot affect the Nile waters. being they are free to use their water wampum as they may choose, there is no Egyptian influence (not only on the Nile river but) on the Nile basin.

The confusion between the two terms €˜Nile basin waters€™ and €˜Nile river waters€™ is effortless throughout the small report, but of course for the disreputable supporter of the genocidal regime of Abyssinia (fallaciously further criminally renamed €˜Ethiopia€™) this is intentional; another empiricism since the mendacious attitude of the article.

The image is whence unavailable diacritic to support illegal demands of a genocidal regime based on two ethno-religious groups patrol by inhumane, bestial, racist elites who must all be executed to the last in direction to liberate more than ten subjugated Kushitic and Nilo-Saharan nations.

2. Egypt€™ actions reflect only due and systematic implementation of the International right. For the ungrammatical Nelson Marans, Egypt€™ actions are “egregiously selfish”! rule any web definition, unique can substantiate that “egregious” aspect “conspicuously besides outrageously sans pareil or reprehensible” ( thoroughgoing special body politic can swear by that a country that follows ad applies the International Law cannot serve possibly described as “reprehensible”. diacritic outlaws like the filthy Habesha (Abyssinian) gangsters around tyrant Zenawi can possibly be “reprehensible”.

The uneducated producer wants an entire country to act according to his idiotic, unlawful and calamitous suggestions, violating the International Law, so that he does not deviate pursuit his cheap name occupation. This is a ingrained case of paranoid writing by an crude person who does not feel component seemly compunction to support the world€™s most appalling tyrants further genocide perpetrators.

“Egregiously selfish actions”! The pro-Zionist writer, who has been hired by the genocidal regime of Abyssinia, would probably typify pronto to denounce some of Tel Aviv€™s “egregiously selfish actions” such as the asphyxiate of innocent and unarmed peace activists€.

All Muslims should take felicitous interest of the fact that the heinous, rancorous, Anti-Islamic regime of Abyssinia and Meles Zenawi€™s genocide perpetrators engage accepted pro-Zionist writers to produce filthy anti-Egyptian, anti-Sudanese, anti-African and Anti-Islamic literature in order to emit falsehood and confusion about the felonious also baneful purposes of the Zionist state€™s best straighten effect Africa. This should refocus outright Muslim countries€™ targets again policies; it should and convince all the Muslim governments of the macrocosm about the urgent need to bring a bummer end to Islam€™s worst enemy, Abyssinia (the criminal kingdom of forged Ethiopia).

3. major libel is the idea that, if today€™s Abyssinia (Meles Zenawi€™s illegal state whereby the ethnic-based, tribal authorities terrorize more than ten different Kushitic and Nilo-Saharan groups) is allowed to body a dam on the Blue Nile, the socioeconomic situation of the world€™s incredibly unfortunate tyranny will possibly improve. The amazing falsehood contained within the few words makes of the statement an unforgettable aberration.

The colonial state of Abyssinia ditch an area totaling ca. 1100000 km2 is crossed by the rivers gloomy Nile, several tributaries, Atbarah (known in that Takeze among the Amhara and Tigray tribes), Sobat, Awash, its main affluent Germama, Shabelle, Jubba, Omo, and many other smaller rivers.

With undocked these rivers campaign the territory of Abyssinia (fake Ethiopia), de facto is radically questionable whether a dam built on the fed up Nile would truly “save” the country from starvation!

If we add a certain hold of current lakes, hugely Tana, Turkana, Hawassa, Zway, Kok€™a, Abiyata, Shala, Abaya, Chamo, the so-called Chew Bahir lake, and several smaller lakes, we fall for that the real, “chronic” failure of the monstrous colonial state to efficiently abetment from the immense dampen pesos available commit not type to enlargement consequent the erection of a dam on the Blue Nile, if Egypt and Sudan permit something like that to happen.

The chronic failure is of purely sociopolitical nature, also not a contrary Abyssinian state leave excessively mark any success, in that long as the Abyssinian tribes behest tyrannically again inhumanely over so many different nations. Socioeconomic success will come to these nations proximate they secede from fake Ethiopia, an unsustainable enfeebled of state.

This is unquestionably known to the gangsters who impersonate the administrators, the ministers and the diplomats of the cursed, ill-fated and unfriendly make clear of Abyssinia (simulated Ethiopia); if they set up such noise about the gloomy Nile waters, they act out of their sick, reprobate and ulcerous aversion of Islam, and of their northern neighbours compared to whom they feel inferior, marginal, and sorry. This has been the inbred Abyssinian mentality over the former centuries and it has been recorded in a celebrated admit of documents also testimonies written about them by their too much civilized neighbours.

assumed Ethiopia€™s request for “more Nile waters” is an image of evil hypocrisy besides exact barbarism, now even if we assume that Egypt and Sudan buy something be entertained that, the possible service will go to the hands of the leprous, racist, gangsters who decree the ill-fated country.

4. Mentioning any percentage of population day conversation about Abyssinia (bogus-Ethiopia), Nelson Marans commits a evil mistake. Who says that 60% starve effect Abyssinia? This figure is transcendent false, being contradicted by any data that bleeding heart NGOs and international bodies may have published. Second, this figure is nonsensical. Those who starve in Abyssinia are all targeted with genocide and down home extinction by the evil Amhara €“ Tigray regime; it€™s Zenawi€™s plan again vocation to exterminate them due to starvation. If Abyssinia is placed under UN mandate again an international provisory administration runs the country, distributing the existing resources equitably, no one is going to starve. And slick entrust serve as no need thanks to a dam on the Blue Nile!

Worse for Nelson Marans, all those who are starving in Abyssinia just now want to secede and found independent states.

Why is he not then dodge in that UN-monitored referenda, one per province, to adduce the tyrannized nations of Abyssinia the ensue to be free and to get rid of starvation at the same time?

Probably, Nelson Marans knows, for much for his financers complete too, that ca. 83% of Abyssinia€™s total population (representing the totality of the country€™s subjugated nations and terrorized ethno-religious groups) reject the racist rule of the Amhara and Tigray Tewahedo Abyssinians, and they thoroughgoing want to secede.

Why caring about 60% hypothetically starving and not about 83% certainly terrorized and traumatically dehumanized people?

5. If the 1929 Agreement between Egypt and England is discontinued according to the besotted writer, then certainly the Treaties of Versailles, Trianon and Sevres are more outmoded, and therefore Germany committal employ Poland, Austria-Hungary must detach Transylvania from Romania, and the Ottoman Empire longing be re-established. This is what Nelson Marans suggests!

6. The effort to make his readers sense pity through the world€™s most excruciating and most bestial tyranny is absolutely ludicrous.

Nelson Marans must come to terms hold back the urgent need of more than ten subjugated Kushitic and Nilo-Saharan nations to tear deserted the Satanic Hell of fake Ethiopia. It€™s not true that counterfeit Ethiopia “has little choice”; what is right is that counterfeit Ethiopia has no convenient to exist.

The man has not been born to detain the simulated Ethiopian from ultimate besides irrevocable extermination €“ which will show at the correct moment, either Nelson Marans likes it or not.

7. Another idiotic approach! Assuming the conformation is correct, why thus is Nelson Marans not claiming the competent exploitation of all the incomparable bedew coinage of Abyssinia by the local administration €“ to thus put up his “60%” of hypothetically starving people?

8. How comical it is to define the Egyptian government “autocratic” when avoiding discussing about the worse-than-Nazi nature of the invented Ethiopian administration €“ the globe History€™s incalculably repulsive genocide perpetrators!

9. America subsidized Egypt to keep a balance between Cairo further Tel Aviv, following eccentric David agreement. and irrefutable is just known that Washington subsidized terrorist and dictatorial states shield far worse Human Rights violations record than Egypt. level now, despite the ongoing genocides, the US subsidizes Abyssinia (fake Ethiopia) too.

10. “Nothing hold return”! This is pathetic besides blithe. What America got power return is that Egypt did not advance seafaring bases to both Russia besides China; to the former reputation the Delta coast of the Mediterranean Sea, and to the latter in the Red Sea coast opposite the demilitarized Sinai. corporeal would be daft to imagine that Israel would have survived forasmuch as want missed the balance between Egypt and Israel that the US correctly for their interests preserved.

11. When an agreement is made on one subject, the agreement is kept by all signatory parts cache devotedness to its own terms. The preference in question did not involve slice Egyptian vote support pull the UN, and Washington knows this very largely; unfortunately, the falsifying author plays with emotions to augmenting his unsubstantiated and failed complete distortion of the facts of Egypt. Cliché, pathetic, inane!

12. There is no real, evidenced and substantiated persecution of the Coptic population juice Egypt; but I am cheerful that Nelson Marans mentions the Copts. Why is he not traveling to Alexandria inasmuch as to scrutinize with the head of the Coptic sanctuary about the rights of the Palestinians also the poison sense of the state of Tel Aviv?

Picture: the Nile basin


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