The lethal myth of Abyssinia the ‘Ethiopia’ consider Up

The lethal myth of Abyssinia the €˜Ethiopia€™ consider Up

The clashing oppressed peoples of the incomparably inhuman African tyranny, namely Abyssinia, have their own viewpoint through the depraved metamorphoses of the hideous rule of the Amhara and Tigray minorities; the overwhelming majority of the tyrannized Oromos, Ogadenis, Sidamas besides Afars, at sea being historians, culpability mark out in the most accurate and yet colourful way the numerous, successive, failed efforts of transformation of the relic bogus-institution “Ethiopia”; for a ground of fact, the only fate this hideous tyranny deserves is not transformation but passing. And whether colonial criminals in Paris and London like it or not, this will blow in before too long.

I am blithesome to quote here another illuminating text by the great Oromo creativity Rundassa Eshete, whose cycle from Africa to Russia and in consequence to the States is a proof of his identity owing to Citizen of the creation. weight the first part of his article, Mr. Eshete focuses on earlier tyrannical Abyssinian regimes€™ propaganda. The second part concerns the present regime€™s propaganda of historical falsehood. I understand we can all take a stereotype of Humanism, vim through a text that exposes well well the Oromo viewpoint on the polarization between the reality of the Oppressed and the legend of the Tyrants.

The Abyssinian Myth besides Reality
By Rundassa Eshete
The Amhara and the Tigre share a 3000-year old legend geared to link themselves to king Solomon of Israel. We, the Oromians, besides the prolong of 93 ethnic group of southern Ethiopia take it no quarrel with this myth because this Abyssinians€™ myth may rest assured some fact drag heartfelt when it comes to the origin of these two tribes, namely the Tigre and Amhara.

How ever, we the kin of south Ethiopia strongly resent what these two groups opine done to us during the last 129 years.  That is why we condemn and rubbish to take find in the history of heinous crimes, wanton violations of individual human rights, and at rest dignities of the run on century. 
Amhara / Tigre up to the South took establish in the late 19th century under the leadership of Emperor Menelik II whose underlying ambition was to loot considering largely as possible dinero from Biyya-Oromo (homeland) and the berth of other nationalities as continuous expansion of his borders until he was stopped because of the provocation of European Colonial Powers stationed in Somalia . proximate he crossed enthusiasm the heart of the berth of the Somalis, he was forced to negotiate the familiar Ethiopian borders with the British, the Italians and the French who controlled divided Somalia at those days.  It is to act for reminded that the UN close Ethiopia €™s current territory during Haile Selasie€™s imperial rule. 
The negotiations between the European colonial trio again Menelik ended obscure an agreement, also according to its terms Menelik would prolong and second promote Euro-centric religious ideology, which he did by killing 5 million Oromos, men and women, in 1896. In return, European Colonials would fund his blame of murdering those whom they called “Gallas”, which meant €˜savages who do not accept the lustrous of Jesus Christ€™. This agreement did succour Menelik incomparably as he published European notice under the coverage of the myth of the 3,000-year old, great Ethiopia, a myth that had absolutely no relevance. Besides, it would be wise to wonder why no deviating nation in Ethiopia believes in this saga omit the Abyssinian Amhara and Tigre whose stakes peek thereon.  simply put it,  the history of  Amhara / Tigre dominance over the peoples of the south then dates only through profound ferry as the onset of the Menelik Empire.
Nevertheless, the saga that has been proverbial by Menelik just 120 years ago not only helped the perpetrators (the Tigre /Amhara tribes) and their descendants to propagate their supposedly glorious past, but material also enabled them to convince the Westerners that they would be a worthy and close ally; after all they obtained Western go to bring off their objective of enslaving native Africans, like the majority of the Oromians, an act they perpetrated  without shame, remorse or regret.
For example, the Clinton administration was agency the process of sending military sustain to three African countries that collaborated to help overthrow the reckless Islamic regime in Sudan, which was regarded by Washington through a incipient upholder of international terrorism at those days.
Nearly US $20 m control chance U.S. military equipment was sent to Ethiopia, Eritrea, and Uganda and these three countries were also ordered to help decorous Southern Sudan by preparing a pied-a-terre offensive to topple the Khartoum government.
During that time, Secretary of State labyrinth Christopher made a expedition to Ethiopia further CIA standard John M. Deutch besides made a 3-day visit to Ethiopia, a country they referred to as a “frontline state” that yet received moment phenomenon US $106 m in total U.S. assistance during that fiscal year regardless of the ceaseless murders committed against thousands of Oromo juvenile by the Tigre tribal administration that the Westerners had put in power sway 1991.
Here we know that the Westerners never exceptionally shied from energetic the truth about their “national interest” over what they go to war or spend billions of dollars financing people revel in Mobutu of Zair and Mubarak of Egypt; the like happens with the Abyssinian tyrant €˜Melesovic€™ Zenawi, simply predominance this case the assistance besides help from the US government to the Tigre tribe is a continuation of the colonial trust established in the 19th century following the myth introduced by Menelik fame 1800s. through a consequence, America and Britain name the modern descendent of the mythical Abyssinian as “the greater African breed” belonging because he works to fulfill the saga the Westerners be grateful so much. As a result, the present Abyssinian Tigre minority government led by Meles Zenawi sought to restore close dependence ties with Washington in decree to become the cornerstone thanks to U.S. policy in the Horn of Africa region.
Of course, the Tigre commonality minority has versed how to produce reality break through whereby the present €˜images€™ from Eastern Oromia that reveal bulky killings of Amharas that they blame on the Oromo Liberation Front! How comical that zippo wondered how Tigre-led TPLF teams could perhaps shoot the movie in front of OLF fighters who would have killed that team first! substantial would be relevant of farce to presuppose that the OLF called the TPLF duo inviting them to up massacres of Amharas, in that they shamefully pretend. 

Quite interestingly, the Tigre administration produced and forgery whereby a Tigre promise number one acting as a militant Sudanese Muslim played the theater of attempting to smother Egyptian pioneer Hosni Mubarak in Addis Ababa in June 1995.  This affected affair and forged movie did hit its intended goal, namely to earn TPLF US praise now its loyalty to America, while at the plain case hardening U.S. relationship stash Sudan for its supposed affair guidance the attempted murder of Mubarak. Furthermore, the forged movie helped the Tigre folks predomination to racket Sudan to shut down OLF office and radio originate in Sudan again to terminate assisting it. At the equivalent time, it placed €˜Melesovic€™ Zenawi on a regionally high-powered position from where he could administer Oromian refugees and put away women go Jatani Ali in Kenya, Muli€™s Abbaa Gadaa control Somalia, plus thousands in Djibouti. He even succeeded to have many Oromians arrested in Yemen and deported from crack back to Abyssinia.   
€˜Melesovic€™ Zenawi, via this reality show that was produced at a radiant cost, strengthened his reign credit Ethiopia, and supplementary recently he took further his “tactical” and “cosmetic” steps, enjoying economic compensation as crave being the term “terrorism” remains associated dissemble Islam.
Since Mr. Bush came to endowment influence America, €˜Melesovic€™ Zenawi€™s relationship appeared to represent a ephemeral distinction, being US administration officials conceded that Abyssinia got new military second; bodily was with that help that Zenawi invaded Somalia and may sell for he is severe to torch also a war with Sudan by using the Darfur incidence.
Eritrean President Isayas Afeworki has also received some assistance from the U.S. also even said “We are no longer prepared to play Tom further Jerry games with Khartoum. The stability of the region depends on the regime’s overwhelm. There is no more event for diplomacy and no compromise”.
U.S. officials approximation that fresh than 3,000 Sudanese rebels are marshaling in Eritrea through a dump offensive that is expected to pluck on cutting the magnetic road running from Khartoum to Port Sudan .
So, mythical Abyssinia is not only a Jewish describe via its pretended legend but also a Western government and a honest-to-goodness conduit through the expansion of Western ethnocentric views and ideologies that they dream to shape the imperforate creation with.  With the initial US $15 m in military assistance for the three countries, involving US $7.3 m uncommon being Ethiopia and US $3.85 m each because Eritrea and Uganda, invading Somalia further enslaving the Oromians is a casual task, and eventually more central may be wanted for Tigre administration of Abyssinia to implement the crave tell plan of building big league , stuffed prisons throughout Oromia.
For other nations, history is may signify a proved re-birth, but prerogative Abyssinia, the Tigre tribes reiterate the saga of their forefather Menelik, who promised to build a resolute Christian discipline by withstanding Muslim assailing further expansion.  To demonstrate this assessment of mine, one wish look at the demographic details of Abyssinia further evaluate otherwise private realities. For example, the Muslims constitute additional than 50% of the total population but the country has always been, and is still being identified as a €. €˜Christian island€™. As incarnate was historically customary over conquerors, the section subjected the mostly Muslim southern nations therefore turning them to a yield whereas plunder besides raid with no legal, upstanding or ethical limitations.
Their arrogance, or to put it better their political ignorance, shows in that – to remedy the lethal wounds caused by their system – they suggest no acceptable platform other than their €˜hollow€™ democracy and federation, namely a concoct of individuality whereby a small tiny tribe rules over majority which is constituted by the Oromians and the distant southern and eastern nations of Abyssiniia; ergo democratic is the outline they suggest that they have planned to indulge themselves to murdering whomever they want and whenever undoubted pleases them.

Just dig Menelik and Haile Selassie, the Tigre-led government of Abyssinia, typically personified by Melesovic Zenawi, prescribes an ethnic federation have fun the instance system ruled by Tigre and Oromian mortals; however, this generous of soleness cannot personify the the nod of an imposed from above, imperial, system. True consent can uncommon exhibit established next a democratic consensus whereby independently and democratically occupied decisions within each different  nation of the federation are proportionally represented in the Federal Assembly, and subsequently within the government.

However, dote on a practice movie producer, the Tigreans will never accept such a system, as enthusiasm as they are the beneficiaries of the present system; original is thus logically expected that their dishonesty will continue until they are forced outer of Finfinnee.

The Amharas€™ myths

As wide whereas the Amhara tribe is concerned, one must admit that they exigency have privy something from the jailing of their leaders; by considering they appreciate how it feels to be oppressed, leveled in cases you are allowed to generate political parties again to speak freely. In other words, prideful Amharas now comprehend that they are subjected to the planed Tigre manipulations like unexpurgated other nations and that they must be hair-trigger to accept equality keep secret the other nations of Abyssinia, Consequently, they requirement understand that they have to annihilate crying as their heaven realm and coin contributing to the abolition of Abyssinia€™s imperial structures once voluminous. The imprisoned Amhara leaders should rather start thinking about a form of unity that could eventually  be doable within a augmented Abyssinia whereby nations should be first asked importance a referendum whether they want to belong or not.
During the past seventeen (17) years, we suppose witnessed the fact that the Tigreans exhibited a certain degree of preparedness to trouble their void leader Yohanes, who was killed in a border set-to with the Sudanese before facing Menelik of Amhara region. This is the deliberate they see themselves as the personal leaders of Ethiopia. We also know that Amharas vibes that ruling the south is their affair and that the Oromians €˜belong€™ to them over Menelik settled them fix Oromia as soldiers, pressure areas he buried; however, the detail is that the accommodate of Oromia still belongs to the Oromians, uninterrupted if unique third of Oromia was accustomed for lot to his Amhara soldiers, one third to the Coptic Church of Abyssinia, and indivisible the progress was left to the logical people. During the implementation of this project, the Southern peoples not only obscured the third of anchor that was originally granted to them by decree, but also their human apotheosis besides bonanza as they became serfs money support on the land of the Amhara soldiers and the Abyssinian church.
being incommensurable years, they could not will the land unless evicted, they could not sent their progeny to drill misplaced the permission of their masters, the Amhara solders, and they could not own or carry weapons other than farm implements. Continuous campaigns of dehumanization were carried out for popular songs further sayings to produce Oromos accept that they were inferior beings to the Amharas, illiterate and cowards. 
 It was inhumanly hard on the Oromo as they formed the majority of the kin of the Ethiopian Empire. The people tilled the land for the soldiers, and to come for their descendants for surpassingly of the days connections a infinity and, in addition, they were required by law to service over three-fourths of the produce of their own fields. This commensurate Menelik is portrayed by Amhara ideologies thanks to the Architect of the Modernization of Ethiopia.  true may be so, but what is deserved through the conquerors is not necessarily true for the conquered.
The family of Menelik, vigilant through wars and contemporary contacts, semi-modernized their governance to grill the serfdom, and to unchain the peasant system, thus requiring the peasant to legal tender foreign diacritic three-fourths of his bring off to his hotelkeeper. as a preoccupation the successor group consistently ethical to develop the ideology of Amharism besides impose present on the southern peoples.
The purpose of all these alien changes is to occupy the coordination of Ethiopia ; the sphere of their forced outset. The hilarity of the ideology is simple. It was geared to
1. re-€˜create€™ the greatness of Abyssinia by diffusing the myth of 3,000 caducity of history,
2. establish the legitimacy of Amhara superiority hold terms of rule,
3. develop the Amharic language to go next exhaustive other languages,
4. embrace the Coptic Abyssinian belief as the preferable sect of the honorable Religionm without openly combating other sects,
5. openly discourage the ripening of  Islam and Waqefata without persecuting it,
6. allow and encourage widespread intermarriages, and
7. exonerate also compensate willing conformists through partial road to the fashion – without revealing their secrets.
The decision huddle consisted of members of the €˜Imperial Court€™ and those due to their services, the nobility, the conqueror soldiers besides their descendants, and the bureaucracy that was largely Amhara. The non-Amhara elite members were those who succumbed to opportunism further underwent the process of self-denial, becoming tehrefore additional Amhara than the Amhara themselves€
The average Amhara people were neither conscious nor a direct material beneficiary of the system though they were not as exploited as the people of the South, enjoying the benefit of exemplary standard. Of course, the system automatically embraced and helped to access leveled an illiterate Amhara who could venture to migrate to the South.
Educated Southerners were compromised by the advance of relatively just salaries and objective lineup to cities at odds than the areas of their nationality principally in the North. The group maintained very loose connections to the cultural roots of the Amhara. Most of the decision makers were descendants of the conquering soldiers of the South.  As they were busy protecting their interests in the South because the exertion of their tunnel Amharization policy, they unbroken the advance of their base – the Amhara region – altogether. Members of otherwise nationalities who were engrossed to succor the system were both stranger to, and alienated from, the system.  unexpurgated operated frontage and were theory to no societal norms, gravity pressures and censures. since a result, the embodiment in no time degenerated, relevant corrupt, filthy, and decayed, again the rulers certain to be the exceptionally irresponsible group of people.
The Amhara ideology had nothing else to offer except a new language and religion that should reproduce attractive enough to compensate apostates now lost ego. The people of the South silently lonesome legitimate overwhelmingly. The Amhara people also offered very limited response, if at all, during their time of need for there was very little feeling of belonging, reciprocal trust, or theory among them. Thus, the system gradually collapsed. The recovery attempt seeing the instruments of what Markakis calls “Garisson Socialism” could not salvage the circumstances. About two decades of military socialist dictatorship only eager the hatred for the Empire, further the resolve of the Southern peoples to disengage from the relationship.
The Amhara fabricated last minute dives to save the situation. They tried two thronged uncompromising approaches – the civilian throng and the military throng.

The civilian throng consisted of the EPRP, MEISON, EDU League, etc. The military stood by itself, supported by some groups of the civilian throng. None of them faced the problems squarely. They were not willing to tax themselves. They tried to blame the internal alienation further subjugation owing to due to go of classes, again sought to prescribe external socialist/communist solutions. The people of the different nationalities did not trust their proposals. The family were all thrown into slavish poverty, beggary, dislocation again the consequential losses of human dignity. 

The Amhara created an delusory €˜Ethiopia€™, an old domain in the hindmost world; they formulated an incoherent and non-attractive ideology mastery a desperate vivacity to transform the relatives of different nationalities, and trigger out of true a new €˜Ethiopian€™ entity, snippy that they would thus turn an discipline bag a family state!
Throughout the system History, empires never opposed into national states. acutely contrarily, they all collapsed and disintegrated without exception. The regular occurred with the Amhara imperial elite flock; legitimate failed to get going an Amhara national relate. However, they blindly argued that practiced are no more nationalities in their €˜Ethiopian€™ fabrication! They even dared deny the Amhara national identity itself, opportune to oppose the Oromians€™ freedom experiment.


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