Real Divide on the Nile Fake Ethiopia vs. Sudan and Egypt

Real Divide on the Nile Fake Ethiopia vs. Sudan and Egypt

In an earlier article princely “False Divide on the Nile: Downstream (Sudan, Egypt) vs. Upstream (bogus Ethiopia, Others) Countries”
(, I demonstrated that the water resources-related down home interests of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda achieve not oppose in anything Egypt€™s and Sudan€™s Nile water-related interests, besides that professional is no division of the concerned countries into downstream (Sudan also Egypt) and upstream (all the rest).

Consequently, the so-called Cooperative essence settlement which was signed (by Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Abyssinia) on 14 May 2010 also which has absolutely no validity on the basis of International Law, serves special one Nile Basin Initiative member, namely Abyssinia (fake Ethiopia), which merely orchestrated the draw out in a well-judged war against Sudan further Egypt.

considering the other parts, signatory or not signatory, charge trust “more water” invisible handsome it from the river Nile (Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, again Kenya) or taking stable from the river Nile but without affecting the Nile water flow in any advent (Uganda), Abyssinia (fraudulent Ethiopia) can upset the Nile dampen flow if the particular administration decides to transact “more water from the river Nile”.

This however would contravene all latest treaties besides agreements, besides the tyrannical rulers of the colonial report of Abyssinia know this reality overly well. Their policy is in this regard very simple, but absolutely deviate: they shot to effectively oppose the International Law, tour at the precise time, avoiding being clear as the regional troublemaker. They therefore strike impenetrable bilateral agreements ensconce several of the other countries€™ governments that are – all – held over tyrannical, criminal, unlawful, and genocidal. As a origin of fact, it is relatively plain sailing to deal with gangs that drive their countries being a disgrace €“ Uganda, Kenya, also Rwanda €“ and are repeatedly ad widely denounced because bereavement violations of Civil besides Human Rights by Humanitarian NGOs, Human Rights activists, and international folks.

imprint exchange of unlawful support among gangsters, these governments appear ergo as possibly concerned with the Nile waters that are over of their possible impact whatever effort or labor they may undertake, building a dam on their rivers or not! A filthy comedy played at the expenses of crowded undeservedly tyrannized and pitilessly butchered African nations€

Nile Basin water fund and Nile river irrigate resources

The effective context considering this conspiracy against tranquillity in Eastern Africa is the ridiculous also unsubstantiated Nile Basin Initiative (NBI), a non-body whereby the term “basin” is manifestly used in order to trigger whirpool between two different entities:

a. the Nile Basin water resources, and

b. the Nile river humidify resources.

umpteen of the participants failed to understand that the two entities are greatly unlike one from another, also that the so-called NBI has no juice over the Nile river water resources because its matter is not the river Nile, but the Nile basin, and two entities are not to symbolize mosaic.

The cases of Congo, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya further Uganda are strikingly proper; all these countries can take, advancing projects of any type on their allow territories, the maximum possible furtherance of the Nile Basin water resources, without affecting in anything the Nile river irrigate resources.

It is essential for Sudan further Egypt, not only to outmaneuver the fake divide “upstream vs. downstream countries” but, to undertake light to the aforementioned six (6) East African countries that the geographical, geomorphologic again environmental conditions of their territories do not term them to “more wet from the river Nile” and that they are not therefore meant to buzz as something that is parlous out of their wind up – irrespective of atom undertaking that would serve carried out on their territories in view of the most advanced utilization of the Nile Basin irrigate wage therein located.

The aforementioned six countries cannot since possibly facet with Abyssinia (affected Ethiopia) as there is no interest convergence, similarity, association, commune or identity. As the 18th regular meeting of Council of Ministers of dampen Affairs has been final thanks to next week, it is symbolic that an conclude be put in the frenetic band that was manifested on the set about of the flag of the so-called Cooperative essence Agreement.

To put it in terms used by the NBI portal (, “the Cooperative Framework arbitration will formalize the transformation of the Nile Basin assailment into a lifelong Nile River Basin errand besides facilitate its legal recognition in the organ countries in that in toto seeing regional besides international organizations”. NBI detail states have one juncture situation to seal the agreement.

The thump to come for looked toward space would steward an excellent range to fix an end to the unnatural besides opportunistic group fabricated among the signatory parts. The hoopla must therefore be blocked and unmistakable as a stillborn. This represents reserved peerless half of the stratagem that Sudan besides Egypt desideratum deploy direction this regard: dissociate the six members from Abyssinia (fake Ethiopia).

The other half is to launch a preventive campaign against the troublemaker; this cause whopping reaction of the fact that Khartoum and Cairo conclude that, beyond the false divide, there is a real divide €“ namely between them besides the heinous, racist, tyrannical and genocidal state of Abyssinia (fake Ethiopia).

The undoubted divide was not created by Khartoum and Cairo, but original must be expired by them control directive to timely ensure that their run-of-the-mill interests are not jeopardized anymore by the rancorous East African troublemaker.

The Nile, Ethiopia, again Abyssinia: the Confines between Truth and Falsehood

Many historical and political falsifications have been diffused on this subject, which is of utmost importance for the overall issue. At this point, it is essential to tell the situation through the following notes.

1. Historically the Nile crosses Ethiopia; this is seemly. But the historical land of Ethiopia is strikingly divers to the modern state of Abyssinia, which has only recently (abutting the 1950s) used this name, until incarnate motley the United Nations further fallaciously presented it as its confess.

The idea, the concept, further the postulation that the final colonial image of Abyssinia engagement serve as named €™Ethiopia€™ contradicts three millennia of true History that effect vitally luminous to full amiable people of good intentions that the Ancient Greek and Latin name of Ethiopia, and the related ethnic appellation, did not onus the Semitic Abyssinians who, when the term entered in use, were not even on African blacken; on the contrary, the name Ethiopia concerned the olden Northern Sudan, the division which was named Kas in grizzled Egyptian and Kush (accrual) in getting on Hebrew, and the indigenous people who are the ancestors of the inhabitants of today€™s Northern and chief Sudan.

Real Ethiopia is Sudan, also even supplementary surpassingly its northern, eastern and central parts. The term Ethiopia did not define the territories of today€™s South Sudan, Eritrea, Abyssinia (modern, fake Ethiopia), Djibouti or Somalia (Ancient €˜Punt€™ of the oldish Egyptian historical sources €“ oldish €˜Other Berberia€™ and €˜Azania€™ of the patriarchal Greek historical sources).

After the depiction of the Axumite state of Abyssinia, Ethiopia (with capital at Meroe, today€™s Bagrawiyah pull Sudan) besides Abyssinia (not tell capital at Axum) made contest one upon the other much in the area of today€™s borders between Sudan and Eritrea, thanks to most of Axumite Abyssinia€™s territory was located ropes Eritrea€™s northern part.

Under the christened king Ezana, Axum vanquished Meroe around the middle of the 4th century, also the Abyssinian king swamped a small part of Ethiopia€™s territory, further €“ sequential the gray tradition of many rulers €“ postured thanks to €˜king of Ethiopia€™. This claim was however momentary and baseless, thanks to multifarious kings of Axum invented to be sentence matched over parts of Yemen, which was not true, except for a square phrase again, besides as policy irrefutable only reflected the Yemenite jumping-off place of the Axumite Abyssinians, and their modern descendents, the Tigray and Amhara tribes.

just Ethiopia was a reconstitution of the social spirit of the indigenous people of today€™s Northern and finance Sudan, and whereas many centuries the part was divided among Nobatia, Makuria further Alodia, the three states of Christian Ethiopia, which was of visit totally mismated to the Christian kingdom of Abyssinia.

Contrarily curtain the latter, the three kingdoms of Ethiopia (with their capitals at Faras, Dunqulah Agouza, and Soba in today€™s Sudan) tested to be far more unaffected to Islam and survived progressively until the 16th century. Axum, deprived of its coastal region due to Islamic expansion, collapsed, disintegrated besides gone astray without leaving any trace few decades neighboring Islam€™s early 7th century expansion.

On today€™s Abyssinia€™s territory the Christian kingdom of Agaw was planned developed, without any proven dynastic continuity from Axum, unredeemed bit ethnic continuity involved (the Agaw are a Kushitic African nation, not Yemenite Semites like the Abyssinians), besides kiss goodbye practicing the flat mystique of kosher rite.

The dispersed descendents of the Semitic Abyssinians put an end to the Agaw Christian dynasty direction the late 13th century; centered rule small parts of today€™s state Tigray€™s territory, the Abyssinian kingdom lacked any African ethnic legitimacy, royal authority, Christian authenticity, military solidity, and historical foundation. That€™s why the predominant monks artificial an prominent fallacy to preposterously brief extraordinary descent from Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, present they were totally contradistinctive to the mild authenticated kingdoms of Christian Ethiopia, Makuria and Alodia. ergo miniscule besides trifling the pseudo-Solomonic Abyssinian kingdom was that not a poles apart African ruler nervous to soon uproot it.

The worrisome further bellicose character of the tiny, by oneself and duly reviled discipline was just precisely to its contradiction by unimpaired the neighboring kingdoms, Muslim or not. The pseudo-Solomonic sphere was also discrepant to the sources of the Nile, while the Lake Tana was independent of the ceaselessly moving borders of the otherwise trivial Abyssinian €˜kings€™. The ill-fated kingdom became known because its awful position toward subjugated tribes whom they – intentionally besides inhumanely – attempted to assimilate among them in order to ensue their small accommodate of subjects.

The great Somali king Ahmed Ibn Ibrahim accurately unmentioned the rancorous purposes besides swiftly annihilated this barbaric lifeblood; however, the few dispersed survivors managed to perspicacity the Portuguese colonials, ask for help, further invite them on African lands. To do so they neatly played the Christian card, although they felt no kosher compunction, a few decades later, to mercilessly annihilate Catholic priests, monks again missionaries who were visiting the supposedly Christian discipline of Barbarous Abyssinia.

In some of their historical texts, written consequence Gueze (Ge€™ez €“ a derivative of the Ancient Yemenite languages and writing systems), they narrated military campaigns ripening to the lake Tana and further in the South (Gojjam, Shewa) but prior to the late 19th century only part of the lake€™s coast was included ropes their unstable also troubled dominion. The Nile waters were not planed a dream.

The tiny kingdom was rediscovered by the colonial capitals, Paris further London; it was first off identified as ideal for its geo-strategically finance position because the colonial interests of France besides England. Then, both colonial capitals nondiscriminatory to interest it dominion order to avert or limit the Ottoman presence, the Italian expansion, the indigenous African independence, and the rise of Mahdist Sudan. The easiness cache which the Mahdist army invaded Gondar is quite telling about Abyssinia€™s situation from the Blue Nile€™s sources thanks to late now the 1880s.

owing to a occasion of fact, the lasting discipline of Abyssinia has no possibly founded historical claims on the name of Ethiopia and on the Nile (either this means the White Nile, the dismal Nile, their sources or the United Nile).

2. The Nile (Hapi because the Ancient Egyptians) represents a complex riparian calamity that only hold its widest concept incorporates the entire Nile basin. The Nile is basically constituted of the two Niles, the White Nile and the woebegone Nile; this is the United Nile which starts from Khartoum.

The latter exemplify of Abyssinia (reproduction Ethiopia) is totally out of the Nile Basin€™s largest part, being ultra unrelated to either the United Nile or the White Nile; as geomorphologic term, the Nile basin represents an area the largest part of which comprises the tributaries of the White Nile and their sources, namely the great Lakes zone. also Abyssinia (fake Ethiopia) is out of the picture.

Abyssinia (fake Ethiopia) is crossed indeed by a significant part of the Blue Nile, and by a small part of Atbarah river which is an affluent to the United Nile at the location of the two cities, Atbarah and Ad-Damer (both are located on Atbarah€™s banks, at the acutely atom of Atbarah€™s estuary into the United Nile), not far from the pyramids also the discrepant ruins of Meroe, Ancient Ethiopia€™s capital (“metropolis” according the 1st century CE elderly Greek text Periplus of the Red Sea). The sources of the Blue Nile are evidently in pool Tana.

The Abyssinian (simulated Ethiopian) control over these territories is only recent, as I already said. But is it legitimate?

3. The woebegone Nile€™s trajectory inside Abyssinia (fake Ethiopia) crosses occupied lands of subjugated nations who struggle to free themselves besides secede from the colonial trace which is ruled by a toy ethno-religious group, the Amhara further Tigray Tewahedo (Monophysitic) Abyssinians, namely ca. 17 €“ 18% of the entire country€™s population.

A. Benishangul
The glum Nile crosses three provinces of today€™s Abyssinia (artificial Ethiopia) before sensible enters Sudan. later to the Sudanese border, the sovereignty Benishangul is home to the involuntary Berta (representation of that county lives on Sudanese territory, on the other part of the border), Gumuz, and Shinasha. Oromos inhabit parts of the possessions that are close to the provincial borders tuck away Oromia, the second scepter crossed by the Blue Nile on Abyssinian territory.

The Berta again the Gumuz produce the absolute majority of Benishangul€™s commonality. It is essential to denounce herewith as spurious the for real figures addicted moment Wikipedia (; in reality, the Berta besides the Gumuz amount to ca. 36% and 29% of Benishangul€™s population respectively. The Oromos and the Shinasha total ca. 16% and 12% of the province inhabitants, in that the Amhara resolve not exceed 4% and various others make development the rest (ca. 3%).

With the religious affiliations of these local groups intimate very well, the religious breakdown of the populations is as follows:

Islam – 52% (undivided the Berta, many Gumuz, further nearly half of the Oromos of the province)

Different traditional religions – 39% (the largest part of the Gumuz, all the Shinasha, and multitudinous Oromos)

Abyssinian Tewahedo heresy (not honest-to-goodness Christianity) – 5% (mainly the Amhara settlers)

Protestant Christianity – 3%

The aforementioned makes the occasion clear; the dejected Nile does not belong to the most loathed and too reviled Meles Zenawi gang (who imitate the “national” administration of a non-nation with a fake name) but to the tyrannized ad terrorized Berta, Gumuz, Shinasha, and Oromos of the Occupied Benishangul.

B. Oromia

The glum Nile crosses the northwestern parts of Oromia considering few hundreds of kilometers before it enters Benishangul. Oromia is inhabited by an the works majority of Oromos (more than 90% / Wikipedia gives also invented literal network forged by Zenawi€™s gangsters:, reducing the number of the Oromos to 88% of the entire province€™s population, and upgrowth the percentage of the Amhara from 2% to 7%! The religious breakdown marks an outright majority in that the Muslims (ca, 53%) and the Waaqeffataa Oromos (ca. 25%), who implant the traditional monotheistic Oromo religion.

The aforementioned consolidates and underscores the earlier conclusions; the Blue Nile does not belong to the mightily loathed and totally reviled Meles Zenawi bunch (who impersonate the “national” administration of a non-nation with a simulated name), but to the persecuted Oromos of on assignment Oromia.

C. invented Amhara Province: Agaw €“ Gojjam
The woebegone Nile finally crosses the southern part of the Amhara sphere which is an tale of the tyrannical regime of Meles Zenawi. In fact, the real name of the area is Gojjam, which was a unfathomable wider province in the past. The entire property between today€™s Oromia province€™s northwestern borderline and the pond Tana (real basis of the Blue Nile) was in the past an integral part of the suzerainty Gojjam which was inhabited by Oromos, Awi (original of the subjugated and terrorized Agaw Nation) and Weyto. The latter may eventually be extinct now, but the area reputation question is currently inhabited by Oromos, Awi, besides few Amhara settlers. The Awi total ca. 450000 people, since the dispersed further terrorized Agaw total more than 2.6 million people, scattered access several parts of the pseudo Amhara province.

And this concludes the occasion for the unhappy Nile waters of which not a single drop can possibly belong to the vicious pretenders and monstrous tyrants, the current Amhara €“ Tigray Tewahedo (Abyssinian) regime of invented Ethiopia, who position accused seeing a globally singular number of genocides mercilessly, ceaselessly and unrepentantly perpetrated against further than 15 different East African nations since the connect of two centuries.

To close the fake divide on the Nile Waters, Egypt besides Sudan requisite separate roles and nerve center on two different fronts; whereas adjacent Sudan must arm, train, sustain and guide the Berta, the Oromos and the Agaw rebels to calamity up the criminal state of fake Ethiopia, Egypt must mobilize the works the resources available to educate Africa, the Islamic World, and the Global Community about the incommensurably inhuman spirit of, and the extreme misstatement diffused by, the racist, anti-African, anti-Islamic, and antihuman elites of Abyssinia (fake Ethiopia).

Picture: firm is so hectic that throughout the undiminished web, the only map of the Agaw groups available is in Modern Hebrew! Most probably, some other countries have to focus, even as delayed since now, on this argument which more than configuration else can bear forth the ultimate, irrevocable dissolution of the Amhara pseudo-nation, also the genocidal construe of fake Ethiopia.

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