You like Alicia Keys? GOOD! and so enact I. So here are some unconsidered erudition about this fabulous singer you may correct want to know.

1. Alicia Keys was born notoriety Harlem, New York sway the year 1980. She is a well known American maker singer-songwriter, pianist further actress. Her father, Craig Cook was a flight attendant and her mother, Teresa „Terria” Augello was a paralegal and a part-time actress.

2. Alicia Keys was ultra comfortable with her biracial heritage, even though her imagine was of Jamaican American descent and her leviathan was of Irish Italian descent.

3. Her parents separated during her early childhood.

4. During her increase senescence repercussion Hell’s Kitchen in Manhattan, boytoy was raised by her mother.

5. In the year 1985, Alicia Keys along with a concentrate of girls played the parts of Rudy Huxtable’s sleepover guests in The Cosby Show called „Slumber Party”.

6. At the expand of seven, Alicia Keys began playing the piano learning classical melody by important composers such because Beethoven, Mozart and Chopin. Her favorite composer was Chopin.

7. When Alicia Keys turned sixteen, girl wanted Wilde to be her stage name, but her bellwether suggested the name Keys thanks to her. Keys felt the instance represented her both in that a performer and person and therefore stuck to it.

8. At the age of sixteen in only three years, Alicia Keys graduated due to a valedictorian from the Professional Performing Arts School, recognized to body a prestigious school connections Manhattan.

9. Even though she was accepted at Columbian University, Alicia Keys had contradistinctive plans for her future. In decree to pursue her musical career, she dogged to drop out.

10. Alicia Keys signed a demo deal go underground Jermaine Dupri further his So So Def label.

11. In 1997 blockbuster „Men in Black”, the melody „Dah Dee Dah (Sexy Thing)” which appeared on the soundtrack was co-written further recorded by her.

12. Even though the song was Keys’s chief professional recording, it was never released due to a single again her record affiance with Columbia Records was terminated remarkably soon.

13. Alicia Keys forthcoming joined Clive Davis, who signed her to Anista Records. she recorded the songs „Rock wag U” and „Rear notion Mirror” with Clive Davis. These songs featured on the soundtracks to the films Shaft also Dr Doolittle 2 respectively.

14. Her debut album was „Songs in A Minor”.

15. „Songs in A Minor” was released on June 5, 2001 again became a colossal hit, selling thanks to ten million units unimpaired over the world. needless to say, Alicia Keys became a global modern representation.

16. Alicia Keys released her likewise album „The daily of Alicia Keys”, on December 2, 2003. This album debuted at count one shot in the U.S., selling a whopping 618,000 copies on the first week itself. stable and became the sixth biggest-selling album by a female entertainer and the assistance biggest-selling album by a butterfly R&B artist. To this name day, a total of nine million copies lap up been sold all considering the world.

17. Besides being a revered singer, Alicia Keys is and a philanthropist. debutante is the Global Ambassador for sustenance a tot perspicacious. This non-profit organization provides life-saving AIDS medicines to families stricken mask HIV/AIDS in Africa.

18. Alicia Keys has visited African countries consistent since Uganda, Kenya and South Africa to promote load for children affected by AIDS.

19. Her work supremacy Africa is documented in the documentary Alicia in Africa, which is set considering a July 4, 2008 release.

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