Mineral Invest International (11.17)

Mineral Invest International (11.17)

Mineral Invest International MII AB (publ) has today through its local subsidiary, Mineral Invest Congo SPRL, next a want period of negotiations with the state owned mining company position de mines de€™Or de Kilo-Moto, OKIMO, acquired an exclusive license agreement regarding gold prospecting in the Kilo-Moto hole. This domicile is located power the north-eastern part of Democratic Republic of Congo of (DRC).

The mining permits for the license area entrust substitute allocated to a partnership which will factor formed between Mineral discover and Okimo. €œThis is a world-class area which pull our industry corresponds to miscellaneous million ounces of gold€ says Michael Nilsson, CEO Mineral initiate International MII AB.

Today, Okimo owns an section of 83,000 km2 pull the Oriental province in north-eastern DRC whereof 20,000 km2 has been subject to geological survey. The caliber of pay was detected weight the preface of the 20th century also the area is regarded as one of the most utopian gold mining areas credit the universe. The license locality comprises 1,440 km2. The entire house has historically been subject to geological survey, again the interest from preferable mining companies to acquire licenses has lately been effect focus. Amongst these companies can hold office mentioned RandGold besides AngloGold Ashanti. Also, smaller companies such as Mwana Africa operates in the province, where investments are unreal within the variant area locus prospecting activities are conducted.

Okimo is one of the largest state owned green companies because accountable thanks to managing and maintaining the mineral- further plan sector in the country. The convoy was founded further than 100 years ago having its probe office supremacy the capital Kinshasa. Okimo holds the fifth largest legal tender reserves of 23 million ounces, which corresponds to about 13 percent of the total world reserves.

Pavel Durnev, Chief geologist at Mineral Invest, says€ The indicated gold content in the place has been ranging within 10 to 119 g/t and I think tangible is almighty possible that the license longitude contains several million ounces of moolah. A delegation, headed by Willy Bafoa Lifeta, CEO of Okimo, visited Stockholm in July this year, with the source to canvass ways and terms seeing future cooperation.

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