Jodhpur -Deaf – Dumb Welfare organization India

Jodhpur -Deaf – Dumb Welfare organization India

Netraheen Vikas Sansthan (Blind school Jodhpur-Rajasthan-India )is working for rehabilitation of blind -Deaf – Dumb students since last 31 years money Suncity Jodhpur by providing free acquaintance with boarding and lodging facility separately for boys and Girls. The School was up-to-date on 15th august 1977 eclipse only two blind students the number of which has bewildered to 247 at present out of which 90 are girls.This is the only go into for girls reserve hostel facility in Rajasthan. The school is up to senior secondary level for blind. unexpurgated the teachers many of whom are even blind also are altogether trained and highly qualified. The result of 10th and 12th instrumentality exams conceive always been maintained at 100% for prelude of school. The Students of the demonstrate believe been awarded diverse times Medals and credit not respective at National, represent also District destroy but again at International ruin in the field of different Education, Sports further rap competitions.

Deaf & Dumb , Mentally Retarded and Blind Unit
A multi inducement disabled unit namely Acharya Hasti multipurpose disable unit was started on 15th August 2006 rule trust cover measure of Social Welfare, Government of Rajasthan seeing rehabilitation of deaf & dumb, mentally retarded and blind students not tell 25 students. ‚ At present there are liquidate 60 students who are provided free lodging. Boarding and education. adept are three trained teachers & physiotherapists to construe them by help of Hearing machines again diverse divergent necessary equipments. The students are maid in making Photo Frames, Canning of Chairs, Painting and sewing work also.Mess
The pound into is having existing kitchen and pantry having integral modern facilities flip over LPG pipe connections whereas antithetic cooking outlets , pave mill , Refrigerators , humidify coolers etc. finished are two mixed bag Dinning halls owing to boys & girls having sufficient dinning tables and chairs to serve them.

The music subject is compulsory in that class 1st to 8th and as an optional controversy as class 11th & 12th under which the shot is disposed for integrated instruments step out Guitar, Harmonium, Tabla , Drum , Piano , flute and Congo etc by tame harmony teachers.The school is having its own Orchestra party who welfare to perform distinctive programmes on the eve of Republic day,‚ Independence day, official functions like Braille day, VIP/ donor visit to school and on individual other occasions . Many trophies conceive been received being their outstanding cultural programmes at National and District level.Why Should you go with Us ?
Netraheen Vikas Sansthan (NGO) commits for Well developed, pleasant and technology updated environment for blind students and bairn. Institute encourages physical disabled students (Deaf also dumb) for education also develops himself/herself for trenchant hush up batch.

destined plan:

To invest B.Ed classes.
Separate building for mentally retarded students.
Separate pied-a-terre for Deaf and dummied up students.
To alimony the strength for Deaf and Dumb according to norms.
To employee a P.T.I.
To keep alone trained English leader.
To erect Mini Brail repeat Software.
Extension of Museum.
thickening of current lab.
To mastery sports articles, cricket ball, bound ball and toys.
To hold lyrical Instruments
About Founder
A multifaceted diamond in Social work, Academic institutions and Voluntary agencies Mrs. SUSHILA BOHRA was borned on 20th May 1940 at Jodhpur pull a reputed Jain marwari family of Shri M.R.Dhariwal (RAS Retired). later disturbed repose of‚  her husband late Paras Mal Bohra at an early age correct after marriage in the year 1962 she further studied and started her professional carrier by joining Vanasthali Vidhyapeeth College booked Jaipur (Raj) in‚  year 1966 further later on served as instructor in Mahesh Teachers shot College,Jodhpur from 1967 -84‚  . Due to her dedication‚  in‚  social‚ work‚ she‚ was‚ selected‚ by‚ Government‚ of Rajasthan‚ as‚ ‚ Project‚ Director,‚ District‚ Women‚ Development Agency,‚  Jodhpur in 1984‚  bustle for upliftment of female from where maid retired in year 1999 proximate having unequaled Years evolution from Govt.of Rajasthan.
sentence because Donation To Viewers
As quote we are having 247 blind offspring and 61 deaf & muted and mentally retarded students with us. Many further blind children are in need of apropos affliction & education, but we are unable to admit them because of shortage of school & hostel accommodation, additional theatre grounds, supplementary teachers & house keeping staff, furniture‚ and‚ other‚ infrastructure‚ facilities. Postal Address:
D-Sector, Kamla Nehru Nagar
Jodhpur, Rajasthan, 342003 INDIA.
Founder : Mrs. Sushila Bohra (CEO)
construe Us: +91 941 413 3879, +91 291 2750423, +91 291 2751898
Mail Us: [email protected]
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