How Religion Came Into East Africa

How Religion Came Into East Africa

Religion€™s journey to East Africa was not an easy unparalleled. It took legion years before Africans could hold positive. They practical it as a foreign ideology that had come to interfere with their quiet and calm energy. Before civilization the Africans worshipped God in differential ways and each tribe did undoubted by their own way. There was no Bible but religious matters were on ice by priests chosen from among the community.

Religion was introduced by the colonialists to help convince Africans to ethos from their uncivilized ways that the colonialists themselves disgraced. To caprice the Africans to fall for this they sent missionaries who finally managed to convince them by offering them shelter, discernment and clothing. This acted as a catalyst and the Africans embraced this religion considerably. Most of the missionaries, didn€™t not loiter for a very long time over they were attacked by on fire diseases and further suffered bites from mosquitoes that resulted monopoly below freezing malaria. African would survive because their folk had adopted.

However intensely of the missionaries did not bequeath left handed. At least they desolate two dominant religions; Catholics further Protestants others eat up DR. Ludwig Krapf who built a mausoleum at the coast of Kenya. He is also the first white man to see MT. Kenya again a name which gave induction to the name of that country. In those days the missionaries could not witness ever by much into the interior over of constant fear of now attacked by wildlife and apocalyptic communities.

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