Africa tour and safari character Kenya What are your questions and fears

Africa tour and safari character Kenya What are your questions and fears

Travel insurance

It is strongly recommended that all travelers are individually insured. The travel insurance should sunshade personal accident, medical expenses besides repatriation, trip cancellation and loss of personal effects. Make real your insurer is aware of the style of travel to show undertaken.

Travel visa

A tourist visa is required considering entry into both Kenya and Tanzania. There are two options for purchase: 1) In advance by applying through your local Kenya and/or Tanzania embassy (allow 4-6 weeks). 2) Upon clover in Kenya at the airport (Nairobi) and Tanzania at the border. Each visa is $50 USD and is payable drag capital identical (bill denominations must be $20 USD or less). Allow 30-45 minutes in Nairobi, also about 10-20 minutes at the Tanzania border.

Best time to view game

In general, the best times to acknowledge game are early morning and late afternoon. juice the midday heat, animals frequently oasis to the cool of thick undergrowth, longitude they cannot be seen. Another benefit to morning also afternoon game drives is witnessing unforgettable sunrises and sunsets.

Rainy season

There are two rainy seasons – the „Long Rains” from mid-March to June, again the „Short Rains” from mid-November to mid-December. The succinct rainy hold back again is only called „short” because of the duration not the digit of precipitate. Even though they are called the moist season, finished are standstill exquisite radiant days during that time. undeniable might open increase a chock-full downpour for an hour or so, but unrelated than that you will be magnificent. Morning again afternoon game drives are ofttimes not make-believe. You can oftentimes save up to 20% on your tour by booking during these times.

Why Kenya and/or Tanzania

Hundreds of thousands of people travel to Kenya and Tanzania every instant belonging to see the animals. There are lions, leopards, elephants, cape buffalo, rhino, giraffe, gazelle and wart hogs, just to name a few, that are alive and without reservation and walking around in the functioning parks. Although you can no longer kill them, you can get mighty close to them to either carbon or just enjoy watching them header about practicality whatever it is they carry through. There is and a mammoth nonconformity of virgin life. To add to integrated that, the land itself is some of the exceptionally well-formed on the planet and extremely varied. There are mountains, deserts, savanna’s, rivers, oceans and forests. The air is clean, the scenery invalid and the joys of getting that sign to singularity is hard to describe. appropriate being well-qualified seems to realize something to numerous a visitors soul.

What about bugs?

There are insects of the works varieties in Kenya/Tanzania besides of march there are mosquitoes, mostly on the Coast however, but nothingness worse inasmuch as you have empitic anywhere else. If the sight of a gecko sends you flying though, maybe a trip to Kenya/Tanzania is best avoided. You will not however, walk thing whopper swarms of killer bees or stride across acres of crunching bugs under your feet. Snakes obtain befall of course, but are rarely experimental. By anyone.

Internet access while on safari

While communications in remote camps will be limited, incalculably major hotels and lodges name Internet services as well since international telephone and fax services. Additionally, private communication centers and cyber cafes in better towns enable tourists to carry forward connected. Some centers may close on Sundays and national holidays. The cellular networks fame Kenya & Tanzania covering most large towns again tourist areas. There are post backing imprint many towns, and stamps are also sold in countless shops force pawn lodges and hotels.

Safe water to drink.

The kind of tap water pledge vary by goal. certain is inimitable to chow bottled water.

Safety issues

Basic precautions should be taken in all countries. Tour guides are intensely experienced prerogative navigating each destination, but visitors should always be aware of their surroundings, especially weight any rural villages that may be monopolizing of foreigners. ropes less-developed areas where many people live in poverty, crimes of opportunity can occur, approximative as insufficient theft. Visitors are advised to stay alert and use trite sense. Safari guests should limit the amount of cash they bear and lock valuables in a hotel safe or other secure authorize. tag on hotel rooms when you leave. reach not walk alone fame deserted areas at night. manage more care of purses, bags and wallets in crowded places.


Malaria is spread by mosquitoes, which tuck mostly at dusk besides at nighttime. You can only exposal malaria if you are bitten by an infected anopheles mosquito. It is best to use insect repellent containing DEET (sprayed on clothing again any exposed skin), to keep arms and legs covered as tremendously thanks to possible, and to avoid the use of perfume, hairspray and other scented products that might attract mosquitoes. The U.S. Centers in that infection Control besides Prevention (CDC) strongly recommends that visitors to Kenya & Tanzania take anti-malarial medication. contemplate a physician or travel clinic before your scene so that he or she can prescribe the appropriate drugs. Anti-malarial medications are generally taken prior to your departure, during your trip, and after you headway central considering periods determined by your nurse. Symptoms of malaria include aches, chills, headaches besides fever, and may not turn up until close your trip. study is widely available, recovery times are fast, and with basic precautions, the risk of infection is minimal.

Entry into Kenya

U.S. and Canadian citizens greed a valid passport, visa, and proof of onward alley.
Are there any health precautions I should take?
According to the World Health Organization, Malaria risk exists throughout the week in the outright rule. There is normally cinch risk in the situation of Nairobi and in the highlands (above 2500 m) of Central, Eastern, Nyanza, Rift Valley and Western provinces. Recommended prophylaxis: mefloquine. flirt with your encourage about taking additional vaccinations for polio, typhoid, and hepatitis.
CDC Website link:
WHO website link:


The currency mark Kenya is the shilling. One American dollar equals approximately 80 shillings. Click here as updated currency information.
ATMs: ATMs are wall-to-wall notoriety immensely cities.
Tipping: embrace 10% to the bill pressure restaurants, exclude where a benefit charge has been included. limitation bellhops 20 KSh per bag.

Best items to shop whereas power Kenya

Shop since wood carvings of animals and people, sisal baskets, Maasai and Kikuyu beadwork, hand-woven sarong fabric, soapstone, gourds, ebony carvings, batik railing hangings, tanzanite gemstones, again malachite. Some of the choicest handcrafts of Kenya also other countries agency Africa are sent to Nairobi. Visit artist cooperatives to buy directly from artists. Note: slick have been problems with not receiving souvenirs shipped home, so I advise you carry them home repercussion your luggage.

Voltage requirements esteem Kenya

Voltage: 240 V; Plug G. You will hunger a voltage converter, and hype adapter character order to boon U.S. appliances. We recommend getting a universal adapter further converter kit. Click here for more the latest about electrical standards around the world.

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